Human Capital Management

In light of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), ensuring business continuity has become a major consideration for organizations worldwide.

These are some actions that organizations can take to ensure that their business is not slowed down:

  • Leverage Cloud Platforms – Cloud platforms like Amazon Web services, Azure for Cloud-based infrastructure and cloud-based BI platforms like OAC, Oracle HCM Fusion enables your employees to work from home and continue to be productive.
  • Enable Employee connectivity – Keeping your people connected, engaged and updated is key when business continuity is concerned.  Office productivity platforms like Microsoft O365, G-Suite ensure that employees can use these applications from home and stay connected via Microsoft teams, Google-Hangout, etc. for virtual meetings.

For example, your Human resources team will be able to stay on top of managing the employee Payroll by accessing the Oracle HCM platform even if they’re not in the office.

  • Provide the right tools for the employees – The right tools are essential to ensure your employees stay connected in situations such as this – not only with the organizations but your customers too. Ensure that they have access to laptops, work phones, and adequate internet connectivity.

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