Achieve Your Goals With Oracle Cloud Applications

Businesses and entrepreneurs that find success in the hospitality industry largely do so because of their ability to attract customers and keep them happy. That relies on attracting, developing, and keeping the right employees. Tools from Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) software suite can help hospitality businesses do just that.

This article goes over some of the ways the HCM suite lives up to their promises.

Reduced Turnover
Employee turnover can be a huge stumbling block in the hospitality industry. Turnover rates are well above 70% on an annual basis, and every experienced HR professional knows how disruptive turnover can be. However, insights like those provided by HCM’s BI support allow HR employees and managers to hire individuals who are likely to be retained on a long term basis. The HCM platform can also be used to automatically identify employees who are in a position for a raise and/or promotion, thus reducing the likelihood they will leave for other opportunities.

Employee Development with Oracle Learn
Employee development is important in the hospitality industry, just like any other area of business. High-performing employees who don’t feel that they are advancing will begin to develop wanderlust, contributing to the previously mentioned problem of turnover. Better trained employees are also more effective at their position. To aid in employee development, the Oracle Learn program is a strong option. This provides customized, ongoing training and can be used by all levels of employees. Additionally, Oracle Learn reports provide easy-to-digest information.

Versatile Programs
Oracle’s HCM Fusion program gives HR professionals and other employees access to flexible, powerful tools. Additionally, they are highly adaptable to a mobile-first approach, meaning on-the-go hospitality employees can employ HCM tools no matter their location. This adaptability also adds to the ease of remote work, which is rapidly becoming a larger part of the professional world. It is particularly useful in settings like hotels, where employees may be moving from room to room and floor to floor without access to a traditional workstation. Guided learning tools help employees quickly pick up a system that will set them up for success.

Let Your Organization Thrive with HCM Reports

By making use of valuable data obtained with HCM reports and other BI Tools, you have the power to improve your business’s productivity, operations, and ROI. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today to see what we can do for your organization.