Jaspersoft for Your Business

Businesses are moving faster than ever before. It is not enough to simply keep up if you want to survive in your market. Corporate leaders must be constantly vigilant for new ways and ideas to improve growth, ROI, and business strategies. These organizations that are looking to take the next step are some of our favorite clients here at DataTerrain; expanding a brand into the global marketplace not only provides new avenues of growth, but also provides new information and analytical data for the organization in question. These blod new steps often require a more robust data driven platform to manage the new scale of operations. This is where Jaspersoft comes in. 

What is Jaspersoft

The Jaspersoft application delivers strategic business value to every person in an organization, from professional users to employees and managers. This BI Tool offers an array of flexible options, providing customers with unprecedented choice without the need to commit to any one delivery mechanism. These can provide data driven insights on performance management, taxes, HR, payroll, Workers Comp, and talent acquisition. Data driven insights power the business world we live in today, and DataTerrain can help guide you through its implementation. 

Explore our success stories here for a deep dive into the efficacy of Jaspersoft and how an affiliate of a leading workplace solutions provider utilized our expertise to not only expand the scope of their products, but also derive further knowledge about their own internal functionality. In fact, DataTerrain helped the customer mitigate a major risk by quickly helping them convert to Jaspersoft before legacy platforms were shut down for being obsolete. 

How each individual organization takes advantage of these BI Tools may differ, but many of the common features include: 

  • Managing current and historical data while being able to transfer it to other applications
  • Customizable output options that literally put the data you need most at your fingertips
  • Integration services with other popular data applications
  • Swift and simple onboarding that helps you start benefiting from the new functionality as soon as it is available

How DataTerrain is Here to Help

Experts from DataTerrain enable organizations to chart their Jaspersoft journey by aligning business goals with a real world proven deployment approach. DataTerrain engineers conduct workshops with business and technical leaders to understand their detailed objectives to develop an architecture and implementation roadmap using Jaspersoft best practices. DataTerrain consultants help organizations prioritize requirements between various teams and provide a roadmap for the must-haves based on ROI. 

We always take into account the unique needs of each organization. Here you can take a look at our approach when a distinguished University felt the need for integrated reporting and tracking of HCM data to better manage and address the continually shifting needs of each of their entities.

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