Move Your Business Forward by Advancing to HCM Cloud Applications

You’ve probably heard of Cummins; the Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes filtration units, power generation products, and engines. Just like similar organizations, Cummins has migrated their HR systems to the cloud and are now realizing the following benefits:

  • 100% elimination of inconsistencies when it comes to analysis and real-time insights
  • 98% employee adoption of the HCM cloud and a 95% drop in manual efforts to retrieve workforce insights
  • 85% reduction in cycle-times as far as talent management and compensation processes are concerned
  • 1-day data latency when it comes to descriptive analytics. In the past, this took 2-3 weeks

For there to be a successful migration to the Oracle Fusion HCM, Cummins had to consider such factors as the implementation design and user experience.

Cummins was looking into implementing a system that could not only empower their employees to grow their careers, but also provide them with developmental and coaching opportunities that would help them impact the world. This was not easy. Indeed, many functions had to work over a year to complete the migration project.

How You Can Successfully Move to the Cloud

At Oracle’s HCM World 2018, Fabio Fukuda recommended four tips that could help you successfully migrate to the cloud. These include:

  • Focus – what exactly are your employee management needs? What are the regulatory requirements in your area? What are your employees’ experience levels? What wins and motivates them? You will need to adopt a solution that’s personalized to what your needs are.
  • Change management – modernization is radically changing the employment landscape. Today, workplaces are experiencing remote working arrangements, emerging technologies, generational differences, and so on. The migration also brings its fair share or organizational evolution. This means that you will need to engage the managers constantly.
  • Design thinking – you will need a solution that aligns with your company’s budget and needs. While large organizations have the resources to adopt complete HCM suites, SMEs might only afford modules based on what their needs are. This will help you adopt a solution with the most ROI.
  • Analytics – you will need to leverage the power of analytics, which is now possible through solutions that have BI support. Your solution should be able to deploy reports in real-time and also provide you with prescriptive and predictive analysis.

Take Your Organization To The Next Level With BI Report Support

Migrating to the cloud has resulted in broader business expansion. Take advantage of its benefits by migrating to the cloud today. If you are ready to take your organization into the future, contact DataTerrain here and talk with our business intelligence experts today.