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Companies with lofty business goals are often faced with a decision early in the planning stages of whether to keep legacy systems in place, or upgrade to new cloud-based platforms. Often this decision is based on integral variables within the organization such as employee count, company age, onboarding requirements, budget, expected ROI, and many more. Our clients quickly realize that Business Intelligence Automation can standardize multi-faceted variables in the planning and execution process of new projects. While you can view examples of one such success story here, read on to discover what the automation process looks like, and how exactly it impacts the day-to-day work of business leaders. 

Analytics Reporting is the central hub of an entire spectrum of operations. Your data should be treated as sensitive information, which is why our tech professionals can guide you through every step of the automation process. Our experts work with you to familiarize themselves with every level of your business and prioritize what features are most important to you. DataTerrain has a robust automation software engine that converts metadata files across multiple BI platforms. In addition to these areas of streamlining and database improvement, our team of Quality Analysts are able to provide immediate feedback throughout the project life cycle, drastically reducing time spent on development. This frees up more time for data gathering and deployment. 

Once the automated transition is complete, our team applies DataTerrain Automation’s multi layer testing scripts to test both the layouts and datasets before delivering reports to our customers. Our team of experienced BI reporting experts built and perfected DataTerrain Automation as they converted BI reports for hundreds of industry-leading customers. One such customer you can read about here required consistency within their database structure while also being able to cut costs. Taking these transition services out of the hands of IT teams not only frees up their time to focus on other tasks, but also increases the speed at which the transition is completed. 

DataTerrain’s primary accomplishments in this case included:

  • Used automation to convert nine Discoverer EULs to OBIEE RPD file
  • Analyzed and rationalized the existing reporting framework to avoid the transition of similar and duplicate reports. 
  • Increased security checkpoints by removing legacy data. 
  • Merged multiple business layers to support cross-subject area reporting.
  • Created calculated objects within the RPD to reduce complications in building new reports.

DataTerrain project managers work closely with our clients to coordinate all aspects of the ongoing project and to ensure client satisfaction. The DataTerrain team executes report transitions using DataTerrain Automation and provides fully converted, tested, and immediately usable reports for clients.

DataTerrain Has the BI Tools For Your Business

Our proven automation technology delivers Business Intelligence reporting at your fingertips. Contact DataTerrain here to learn more about our process and discover the wealth of analytical information our BI Tools can add to your business. Our real-time analytics and reporting drive business results that are trusted by over 250 customers across North America.