Oracle HCM Cloud Reports

Trusted, Comprehensive, and Flexible

Oracle Cloud HCM is a full-stack suite of native cloud-based applications for recruiting and talent workforce management. The SaaS offering is designed to provide support in one platform for employees and organizations during an employee’s entire career, from hiring to career development to retirement. You can use it on and access it across multiple devices, and it was released as a module of Oracle Fusion in October 2011. Oracle developed Fusion infrastructure to support HCM applications and its CRM, Financials, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management. and SCM cloud applications. Choices of on-premise, on-demand, SaaS (public or private cloud), and hybrid are all available, giving your organization ultimate flexibility and choice as it grows.

Features of HCM:
  • Easy data transition gets your current and historical HR data into Oracle HCM Cloud Applications quickly
  • Highly configurable layouts, reports, and processes get the applications working in the way that best suits your HR and payroll professionals and business users
  • Out of the box integration with existing Oracle and PeopleSoft applications lets you seamlessly link new Oracle HCM Cloud Applications with your current HR systems
  • A rolling program of product updates means you can start benefiting from new functionality as soon as it is available

OAC Reports and Dashboards

As a secure and scalable cloud service, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) provides an entire spectrum of capabilities to enable data analysis and perform collaborative analytics at the individual, workgroup, and enterprise level. OAC can provide proactive insights, starting from data preparation to enterprise reporting and self-service visualization, to advanced analytics, dynamic user-driven “what-if ” modeling, and self-learning analytics.

It has integrated pixel-perfect reporting! OAC Enterprise Edition allows data from all available data sources to be processed to create pixel-perfect reports, delivered to a variety of destinations like email, printers, fax, file server, Oracle WebCenter Content, and Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

With all the rich capabilities available in a single solution, there is no need to separately implement and integrate multiple components. OAC provides the optimum solution to scale up or scale down and adjust resources for the evolving patterns of workload. It can scale elastically without much capacity planning required from the users. OAC allows organizations to be data-driven without the need for massive infrastructure.

We can build efficient and extensive cloud based’ reports for Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and bring unique expertise to convert your OBIEE 11g / 12C reports / Dashboards.

What can DataTerrain do for you?

DataTerrain’s team can design and deliver streamlined HR functional reports to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency through real-time reporting, dashboards, and analytics in Oracle HCM. Our experts can lay a solid foundation that enables you to run trouble free Payroll, Talent Acquisition, Workforce Analytics, and develop mobile technology. We customize and deliver extensive HCM Cloud-based application and EBIZ transition based on real-world experience.

We can develop reports based on best practices and dashboards to analyze questions like

  • Who are our top performers?
  • What motivates them?
  • Which employees are at risk of leaving?

Allowing you to track and manage all HR data and events, including hires, transfers, promotions, and terminations. We can help to increase standardization and streamline functionality by leveraging the capabilities of Oracle HCM Cloud. DataTerrain takes corporate security as an important factor in every design and will implement the unrivaled security features of HCM. DataTerrain team has consistently provided support to our customers for more than 10 years.

With extensive experience and knowledge, DataTerrain can deliver and support powerful analytical reports and dashboards in Oracle Cloud Analytics (OAC).  There is a wave of customers moving to web-based (Cloud) reporting from OBIEE on premise applications. The DataTerrain team has completed many real-world projects and continues to support customers in OAC. DataTerrain has developed the methodology and tools necessary for a seamless transition to cloud-based reporting and analytics. We can develop reports based on Industry best practices and dashboards to analyze questions vital to any corporation, and to that end, we bring in detailed customer experiences to your benefit. With embedded analytics, dashboards, and the power to create, modify, and distribute your customized reports, we will bring Business Intelligence reporting in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to your fingertips.

Oracle HCM / OAC / OAS support

DataTerrain provides a variety of support options to help you manage Oracle HCM, OAC and OAS products. From day-to-day support to fully managed services, our team can keep your system operating effectively. Our flexible support model allows you to leverage our team so that your IT team stay focused and successful in their core roles. Let us do the heavy lifting with our world-class 24×7 support team. You can choose the level of service that is right for your organization and our goal is to deliver your IT needs!

  • Simple and effective technical support for HCM and OAC on demand
  • Dedicated support team with 365 days of support