HCM Cloud Reports Propel Your Business Forward

It’s rare that an organization is truly one of a kind: No matter what type of business you’re in, you’re likely competing with other companies for the same customers. If you’re looking for a leg up, consider the Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud and Business Intelligence (BI) offerings from Oracle. They provide a wide range of tools to help your business from the standpoints of HR and business intelligence. Here are some of the highlights of what Oracle has to offer:

Business Intelligence
The BI support tools from Oracle comprise a collection of applications and technology. Their purpose is to help businesses collect, analyze, and manage data. For example, according to Oracle, their BI server provides “centralized data access and calculation.” Meanwhile, the BI Answers program provides an easy way for users to view data, and the BI Publisher allows for the publishing of sophisticated but functional reports.

There are many other tools available in this suite as well, all of which are fully integrated with one another. The data analysis provided by Oracle’s BI support can help your company predict the changes it needs to make before its competitors.

HCM Cloud
The HCM Cloud is made up of a powerful portfolio of programs meant to support HR professionals and anyone involved in employee development. Like the BI suite, the HCM Cloud features many different components. For instance, the Talent Management Cloud helps support initial hiring, succession planning, training programs, and goal alignment. Meanwhile, the Global Human Resources Cloud is geared toward making organizations more nimble and aligned at the same time. It features tools designed for simplifying HR processes and boosting workforce engagement.

Another group of programs comes from the Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud, which is designed to keep your company’s employees on board and its budget on track with fair compensation. From this group of programs, HCM reports are available for everything from tax deductions to payroll processing.

All in all, the HCM Cloud will keep your company nimble, adaptable, and able to please employees and clients alike.

Continued Improvement
The HCM Cloud and BI Suite are effective today—and they will be even better tomorrow. Oracle invests $6 billion annually in research and development, meaning that these future of these tools is just as bright as those of the companies that use them.

Let Oracle HCM Reports Help Your Team Synergise

With new technologies coming up constantly, your business departments needs to be extremely agile. For more information about how Advanced Business Intelligence software can improve your organization, contact DataTerrain online today.