HCM Cloud Applications That Work For You

BI support in the cloud and HCM applications helps drive businesses toward success- just ask any business or entrepreneur that has adopted Oracle Fusion HCM. The streamlined ability to access forms, applications, and create HCM reports is paving a path toward success for many inventive and innovative customers widely.

Want to improve your hiring process, quality of staff, and overall operations? Here is what customers have been saying about HCM in the Cloud with BI support:

One fairly-new food cooperative decided to simply their human resource programming and data to Oracle Fusion. Originally, it was taking staff 4 minutes and 60 clicks to pill up a single requisition… with Oracle Fusion, it takes 30 seconds and 5 clicks. You can see the time that will be saved and increase in productivity that this facilitates.

HCM in the Cloud can be implemented with full service in two quarters, as opposed to the two-year time frame for synching up other programs. This is another feature of transitioning that customers laud and tout as one of the reasons they went with Oracle Fusion in the first place. After all, time is money; make sure that your time isn’t being wasted.

Some customers and companies that have converted to HCM in the Cloud report a decrease in labor turnover by 11%. This is significant enough to warrant attention for any human resource employee-or supervisor that wants to improve retention rates at their site.

When the information is concise, complete, and convenient to access, there is going to be a better quality of hires. It is easier to tease-out new and qualified talent from the pool of applicants or stack of applications that you may have. Don’t you owe it to the rest of the team to only hire the best individuals for the job? Make this feasible with BI support.

Ripple Effects
There are ripple effects of this streamlined strategy; for instance, you are going to have more time to work on other aspects of your business. It also models efficiency and efficacy to the rest of your team, your customers, and your competitors.

HCM Cloud and Discoverer Reports Done Right

Ready to make the conversion and simplify your company’s hiring processes? Contact the experts at DataTerrain, a software company offering business intelligence reporting conversion and migration services. Set yourself up for success with a strategy to streamline that includes Oracle Fusion HCM today.