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Oracle HCM Helps Future-Proof Your Organization

According to the International Labour Organization, there were a total of 192 million unemployed persons across the globe in 2017. In spite of this number, attracting and retaining top talent can prove exceptionally difficult. By waiting until the next exit interview to find out why a performing employee has decided to leave your organization, you will be missing a golden opportunity to better your workplace. Forward-thinking organizations are now using technology not only to attract but also to retain top talent.

1. Enabling remote working
Where working remotely only appeared like a pipedream a few decades back, it has now become a reality. This has been enabled by the need for companies to cut costs and the need for employees’ work-life balance. The more you offer your employees flexibility when it comes to working from home, the more they are likely to stay with your company.

2. Opportunities for career development
Now more than ever, employees are looking for employers who can help them develop professionally and facilitate the acquisition of new skills. Tools such as Oracle HCM cloud are used to monitor areas where employees need training on. Rather than sending them to conventional classrooms, you can teach them through the numerous e-learning platforms on the internet.

3. Provision of feedback
Employee feedback is a critical part of their ongoing development. It clarifies expectations and helps them build their confidence. While congratulating your employees once they meet sales targets or turn a lead into a sale is easy, negative feedback is never easy. It’s human nature to put off uncomfortable conversations or soften the blow. This could compound the problem if the real issue is not addressed. Fortunately, employers can now provide them with feedback backed by real data from HCM cloud reports.

4. The use of IoT to gather as much information as possible
Plans on employee retention should be initiated as soon as the candidate accepts your job offer. Tools such as BI report support makes it possible to collect and manage as much employee information as possible. The data gathering process goes beyond contact details to such things as their desired training, hobbies, goals, and aspirations. This gives managers an idea of how they can help them advance in their position.

Take Your Organization To The Next Level With Business Intelligence and Report Conversion Support

In the past, technology was largely used to streamline operations and enhance a business’s efficiency. Today, it is being used to attract and retain employees as well as increase workplace satisfaction. However, technology should be used alongside other employee onboarding and retention tools. Contact the team at DataTerrain to see how to propel your organization into the global market.