AI and human capital management

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Unlike departments such as sales and marketing, the human resource department has been slow in adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today, however, AI is being used in more HR departments to automate tasks, aid in the recruitment process, and even answer HR-related queries.

The use of AI in HCM refers to the application of innovative technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to automate mundane tasks, mine pertinent HR data through HCM cloud reports, and deliver personalized experiences.

Some of the ways through which HR departments are benefiting from AI through the use of Human Capital Management (HCM) systems include:

• Talent acquisition
Through the use of AI when an organization is sourcing for employees, tedious processes that previously relied on human recruiters are cut off. For instance, AI can sift through thousands of resumes and highlight the most probable candidates. Due to the absence of bias, the recruitment process becomes more objective, transparent, and data-driven. AI also helps in keeping the applicants updated of all through the recruitment process.

• HR service delivery
Most people think of business-client interaction when AI-powered message bots are mentioned. However, the same is being used to provide real-time support to employees. Through HCM cloud applications, employees in different geographical locations or even those in the field can get answers to their queries or requests. This continuous coaching and progress reviews enhances performance.

• Performance management
The use of AI is critical in performance management as it helps managers make appraisal decisions based on factual data. By objectively highlighting employees’ strengths and weaknesses, AI helps eliminate bias during the performance review process. This ultimately results in enhanced employee engagement, job satisfaction, improved employee productivity, and lower employee turnover.

• Improved training
HCM fusion systems help in the gathering of pertinent data such as each employee’s career level, goals, interests, and skills. Such data provides useful insights used in the delivery of personalized training. Such training is key to maximizing talent, driving engagement, and performance.

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AI in HCM can definitely help your organization gain a competitive edge in this digital age. However, you need to come up with a change-management strategy and make sure that all stakeholders understand its importance. Keep in mind that AI in HCM solutions may vary depending on the challenges you want to overcome. Documenting your KPIs will also help you quantify your AI in HCM solution’s success. Contact the team at DataTerrain to see how to propel your organization into the global market with cloud-based BI tools and report conversion.