HCM Fusion Works For Employees and Employers

Our tech article takes a look at how your organization can use tools from the Oracle HCM Fusion technology family to better support its employees. The result of using these tools is often enhanced employee development, a key goal that in turn can lead to higher retention rates and other desirable outcomes.


Employees’ journeys start in the recruitment stage. It’s no surprise organizations are leaning on technology here. Oracle Recruiting offers tools to not only attract good candidates, but engage with them as well. Support continues through the hiring and onboarding processes, providing a clean experience for new employees.

Continual Advice

Opportunities can sometimes seem like a mystery to employees, especially in large organizations. An employee in marketing might have skills that make them an excellent fit for a senior position in customer service, and so on. Technology and features of the HCM Cloud toolset can make suggestions to employees regarding promotion opportunities within your company. That means your employees will be less likely to miss out on chances to move up, and your company will be less likely to miss the chance to let them.

Talent Development

To assume more responsibilities and bigger roles within an organization, employees often need development. There are two pieces of good news here; Employees are often eager for development opportunities, and technology means there are more of those opportunities than ever. The Oracle Learning platform delivers a personalized experience that incorporates elements like mandatory training, certification courses, and optional learning recommendations. It can even let employees set goals, then deliver advice on learning material accordingly. Support is available for both individual and team-wide objectives through this platform.

Workforce Connection

Today, employees may join an organization whose physical presence is hundreds of miles away. The proliferation of remote work, satellite offices, and other changes means finding new ways to connect is more important than ever. One useful new tool in this regard is Oracle Journeys, which lets HR departments create and deliver personalized guidance packages to employees.

PowerBI Migration and HCM Applications Built For You

A single HR and finance cloud solution can go a long way in helping you increase efficiency and productivity.Interested in learning more about how HCM Cloud adoption, PowerBI migration, or another tech move can help your business? Contact our experts here.