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Valuable Insights Gained with BI Tools

These days, smart business leaders are using business intelligence tools to drive better insights and better outcomes for their organizations. “Business intelligence” refers to tools and processes that are used to collect and analyze large amounts of information in such a way as to provide a comprehensive and clear picture of their information so that the organization can make smart data-driven decisions. 

What Are the Benefits of Business Intelligence Systems and Processes? 

Consider these seven benefits of business intelligence systems and processes: 

  • First, BI tools deliver faster analysis and provide intuitive dashboards pulling in data from multiple sources, analyze the data according to user needs and queries, and then deposit the information into reports and dashboards, thus increasing reporting efficiency by as much as 95 percent. 
  • Second, they provide organizational leaders with the ability to access a vast amount of data, gain a holistic view of their organization and its operations and provide benchmarks for the data, thus identifying areas of opportunity. See a first-hand account of this in our success stories
  • Third, BI enables better decisions due to faster and more accurate data reporting. 
  • Fourth, BI can directly impact customer satisfaction because customer data can be readily pulled from operations and utilized to identify ways to improve customer service. 
  • Fifth, BI systems can directly lead to improved employee satisfaction because business analysts spend less time responding to user requests. Data users can jump right into data analysis with an intuitive user experience that allows non-technical users to look at data. 
  • Sixth, BI systems enhance the overall data organization and analysis for an organization. No longer is data siloed and difficult to access. Internal data sources can be combined with external sources in a single data warehouse. 
  • Seventh, BI gives its users a competitive advantage. When organizations have data, they can better know the market and analyze their performance so they can monitor changes, anticipate consumer needs, and operate ahead of the curve. 

What is Amazon QuickSight and Why Business Leaders Want to Use It  

Amazon QuickSight allows everyone in an organization to access and understand business data. Individuals can ask questions in natural language, look for patterns and outliers through automated processes, or explore data through interactive dashboards. It is a system that is built for everyone. It provides these benefits: 

  • Connects and scales all the business’s data. 
  • Enables the building of customizable dashboards. 
  • Enables true self-service analysis for everyone. 
  • Leverages machine learning integration. 
  • Enables integration from multiple sources. 
  • There are no servers to manage, and payment is made according to usage. 
  • There is built-in compliance, governance, and security. 

Machine Learning Insights in Amazon Quicksight 

Amazon Quicksight enables decision-making insights using machine learning techniques, so manual analysis is not required. Insights can be embedded into a dashboard so data can be shared across the organization. Anomalies can be detected. Narratives can be built to tell the story of your data in plain language. 

Security and Access Features in Amazon Quicksight 

Security and access features are built into Amazon Quicksight including multi-factor authentication, secure private links, and a range of permissions. See more security features of Amazon Quicksight here

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