Advanced BI Support Encourages Employee Engagement

Over time, the workplace environment has evolved, but it changed dramatically and rapidly when the COVID-19 pandemic drove many companies to a virtual setting for their employees. As the COVID-19 conditions have eased, many companies have gone to a blended workforce model using a combination of in-person and virtual work, called a “hybrid model.” 

What Are the Challenges of the New Workforce Environment? 

Based on some positive benefits for both employers and employees, it appears that a significant amount of employee work will continue to be remote and that hybrid work will play a continuing role. Thus, these challenges will need to be addressed: 

  • Communication. How can an organization make sure that employees can effectively communicate with their leaders and each other? 
  • Coordination. Since most work requires collaboration and coordination, how are those processes facilitated? 
  • Connection. How do employees connect meaningfully with each other? 
  • Creativity. How can creativity be fostered when fluid conversations, drinking fountain chatter, lunchroom discussions, and other random contacts are not the norm? 
  • Culture. How can a company’s culture remain strong when people aren’t together physically 

HCM cloud-based technology can help tackle these challenges. 

The Importance of Employee Experience 

In the remote workforce environment, it is important to facilitate more engaged and productive employees. It is important to focus on the quality of work and to overcome any spirit of absenteeism. And it is critical to work on an improved employee experience so that they deliver an improved customer experience. In short, an improved employee experience will lead to better business outcomes. 

Ways to Improve the Employee Experience 

Consider these four ways to improve the customer experience: 

  1. Develop policies that promote equality given the different work environments. 
  2. Work to personalize work experiences for each individual. 
  3. Create means that foster connections and belonging. 
  4. Show increased appreciation for all employees. 

How DataTerrain Can Help 

DataTerrain’s team can design and deliver business intelligence automated reports to analyze questions like who are our top performers, what motivates them, and which employees are at risk of leaving? We can help you track and manage all HR data and events including hires, promotions, transfers, and terminations. We customize and deliver extensive HCM cloud-based applications. 

Seek Superior Business Intelligence and Compliance Support Services

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