Cognos Powerplay

Cognos Powerplay drill up & down operations allows moving up and down the hierarchy of categories in a dimension. To drill down means to go from a higher summary level into more details. Drilling up expands the focus of a report and moves into a lower detail level.

In Cognos Powerplay you can Drill up and down the hierarchy tree in the following ways:
• Hover the mouse pointer over a category you want to explore in more details and if the cursor changes to a plus sign, it means that the drill-down is available, and you can double click the category to drill down.
• Alternatively, instead of double-clicking you can right-click on a selected category and select Drill Down.
• Drill down by clicking the plus sign.
• To drill back up go to the cube summary row or summary column and once the cursor changes to the plus sign with an up arrow, double-click it to go one level up.
• Alternatively, instead of double click you can right-click on a selected category and select Drill Up.
• Drill up by clicking the summary row.
• It is also possible to drill up and down in a dimension viewer located on the left-hand side of the Powerplay screen. You can expand the dimension tree and right-click on a desired hierarchy detail level and choose Filter to drill up or down.

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