Informatica Integration

When an Informatica workflow is run on a grid, service processes and DTM processes run on different nodes and behavior also depends on flowing factors.

● High availability option – Workflows fail over to another node if the node or service shuts down, if availability is not high, a workflow can be manually restarted on another node to recover it.

● Recovery strategy – A recovery strategy can be configured for tasks within the workflow and when the workflow suspends the recovery, behavior depends on the recovery strategy configured for each task.

● Shutdown mode – When an Informatica Integration Service can specify that the service completes, aborts, or stops processes running on the service, the failover and recovery behavior depend on which service process is shut down.

● Running mode – If the workflow runs on the grid, the Informatica Integration Service can recover workflows and tasks on another node.

● Operating mode – If the Informatica Integration Service runs in safe mode, recovery is disabled for sessions and workflows.

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