Oracle HCM

Extensible flex-fields enables implementers to configure additional attributes or information to the Fusion Application without having to write tedious code.

Unlike descriptive flex-fields where each segment or attribute is stored in the database as a single column, Extensible flex-fields stores the context values and context-sensitive segments in a separate extension table. Customers can display a group of segments together on a single page in the Application as per their needs using Extensible Flex-fields.
Benefits of using extensible flex-fields are listed below:
• Extensible flex-fields allow to group segments into contexts and each context is displayed in its own region.
• We can decide whether to display a group of attributes in a single or multiple pages. Based on preference, we can have multiple logical pages to display a group of extensible flex-fields.
• Extensible flex-fields can be configured to enable categories that dynamically displays different sets of logical pages and contexts based upon a runtime selection. The categories can be structured in a hierarchical manner and the children categories inherit all the contexts and logical pages that are configured for their parent categories.
• Attribute groups created once can be re-used if multiple business object instances share common attributes. We can configure the common attributes in one context and re-use the same context in all applicable categories
• There is no limit for the number of contexts that can be created for an extensible flex-fields.
• Multiple row contexts which display the context’s segments/attributes in a table can be created in order to have custom lists for the business objects.

The Flex-fields should be deployed once they are created in order to let the end-users view the additional attributes created. Custom Extract or BI reports can be built to get the data stored in these flex-fields.

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