Oracle Fusion Implements Growth In Your Business

We live in an era where businesses are going through a digital revolution. Not only are business models transforming, but the way they operate is also constantly changing. In addition, clients’ expectations keep surging. This explains the increased use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which processes transactions and keeps track of the organization’s resources and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems, which facilitates the management and analyzing of data from one or multiple ERP systems.

In this post, we discuss why ERP/EPM and HCM should be implemented together.

ERP/EPM and HCM work better together
Although ERP/EPM and CPM systems such as Oracle Fusion HCM are used for different purposes, they are related. ERP systems can be equated to the body’s central nervous system as they are critical to the organization’s day-to-day financial activities while CPM systems are thought of as its brain. This is because they align and coordinate the organization’s financial and operational goals and objectives. EPM and CPM systems source their data from internal systems including HCM and ERP.

They help in back-office unification
The use of these systems together help improve the organization’s management processes. Through the linking of these systems, businesses can easily attain their financial objectives as their corporate strategies are linked to the plans and executions. By tackling them together, you will be dealing with the problem of data collection and integration at a go. This helps ease such functions as performance management and employee monitoring.

They accelerate your migration to the cloud
On-premise applications will help ease your migration to the cloud. Through such tools as the BI tool migration, you will be boosting your business’s agility as you can easily switch between on-premise deployments and cloud. Besides, you will be eliminating the need for disparate integration tools.

They ease reporting and analysis
Effective data reporting and analytics is hugely important particularly when it comes to large enterprises. By tackling ERP/EPM and HCM together, you will be easing the process of reporting and analytics. As these tools enable automated report conversion, the necessary reports can be obtained and distributed to all stakeholders automatically. These systems will enable you to navigate through highly personalized and visual interactive data.

Advanced BI Tools to help Your Business Grow

Through the integration of ERP/EPM and HCM systems, organizations can make informed decisions when it comes to tracking salaries, commissions, benefits, bonuses, and budgets. For more information about how our report conversion system can help your business implement growth strategies contact us through our website today.