Engage Your Workforce With HCM Cloud

It can be safely said that a strong, engaged workforce is key to the success of every enterprise. Strong, capable, engaged employees can be a company’s most valuable asset. 

Why Employees Are Important 

Employees are essential to providing services within an organization. They are involved in production, they take care of accounting and finances, handle marketing and promotion, and take care of everyday tasks and assignments. If employees are not happy, the end customer will suffer as will the revenues and profits of a company. Employees are the nurturers of an organization’s culture. They bring essential knowledge and skills to the workplace. They are the principal contributors to the revenues, profits, and worth of an organization. Essentially, they serve as the foundation of a strong and enduring organization. And, engaged employees are the best employees as drivers of a business’s success. 

What is Employee Engagement and Why is it So Important 

Engaged employees are employees that are happy and excited to work for a company. They value their roles in the organization and readily contribute to the success of the enterprise. They understand and buy into the company’s mission, goals, and objectives. Having engaged employees results in better work culture, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, better team, and customer relationships, and increased company profits. 

Employee engagement results in improved loyalty, increased productivity, better customer service, higher employee work satisfaction, and increased happiness. And, engaged company employees become stronger brand advocates. 

Today’s Workplace Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled many changes into the workforce including how employees interact with one another, their physical presence, their mental health, workplace flexibility, and work-life balance. Even some definitions of success have changed. These factors have upended many employment statistics and challenged many efforts to attract and retain quality employees. In addition, diversity and inclusion have become increasingly important in the workplace. It is important in this new business climate to aid employee engagement and improve the employee experience. 

How to Improve Employee Engagement 

Use these tips to help create a more positive work environment resulting in happier, more productive people.  

  • First, encourage more communication and conversations with employees, along with as few barriers and friction as possible. 
  • Second, make sure that employees are informed. Keep everyone fully “in the loop.” 
  • Third, let employees share their recommendations and enthusiasm. 
  • Fourth, reward the actions that you want to achieve. 
  • Fifth, measure employee engagement frequently. 

How Can DataTerrain Help with Employee Engagement 

DataTerrain offers Oracle HCM Cloud that delivers to HR leaders the tools to better manage every stage of an employee’s lifecycle including attracting talent, screening, hiring, onboarding, developing talent, managing talent and performance, managing time and attendance, managing payroll, compensation, and benefits. The concept is to make better, smarter, and faster decisions. These BI Support tools enable businesses to recruit top performers with the right skills, aligning them with key goals and performance measures while developing and compensating them appropriately.  

Seek Superior BI Support

Contact DataTerrain based in Palo Alto, CA. Our proven cloud-based HCM automation technology delivers business intelligence and automated report conversion at your fingertips. We provide real-time analytics and reporting to support an improved employee experience and increase employee engagement.