Develop Key Roles With Oracle HCM Cloud

A key part of leadership is anticipating future challenges. An equally important component of leadership is making sure your organization is ready to meet those challenges. In this article, you’ll learn how cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and human capital management (HCM) applications can help leaders position their organizations to tackle any challenges.


Collaboration becomes a non-negotiable requirement for effectively handling changes and challenges. Integrating different ideas makes it easier to analyze and tackle problems.

Improved collaboration is a huge focus of cloud applications. They make it possible to work from virtually anywhere. Geographic distance is no longer a barrier that keeps coworkers apart. Outputs such as HCM cloud reports can deliver the same information to everyone who needs it, thus making sure no one is missing the data they need to be an effective and engaged team member.

Effective Decision-Making

Decision-making is another key part of leading an organization. The bulk of a company’s internal decisions do not need to fall on a single leader or a small group of leaders. An effective strategy is to place intelligent decision making on the front line meaning empowering lower-level employees who are a bit closer to the issues at hand to make their own calls.

Leaders should still make key decisions when necessary. But no matter who’s making the decision, BI applications can help fuel the process by gathering and providing the information needed to come to the right conclusion. (Software like Oracle’s BIACM makes setting up such applications easy.)

Uplift Tomorrow’s Leaders

Effective leadership not only requires strong leaders in the present but also making sure the right future leaders are coming up behind them. Developing the leaders the organization will need for the long haul is key. That requires succession planning so that when a key vacancy needs to be filled, the organization is ready. It also requires ongoing development so that employees are ready to step into ever-more-important roles.

Push Your Organization Further with BI Support

Today’s technology makes doing so more effective than ever. For example, the HCM Cloud suite’s dedicated talent management tools have the capability to identify top candidates and prepare them to flourish as they move upward in an organization. A single HR and finance cloud solution can go a long way in helping you increase efficiency and productivity. Contact us here to find out more and request our services.