We offer a range of Business Intelligence and Analytics services, including report and dashboard development, data extraction, Transformation and load (ETL) support.

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Reports and Dashboard Development Service.

New reports and Dashboard development.

We have over twelve years of experience in planning, designing, developing and supporting business intelligence reports and dashboards for clients in a wide range of industries. We have extensive real-world expertise in industry-leading reporting tools such as OBIEE / OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud), Power BI (Microsoft), Jasper (Tibco), QuickSight (Amazon) and Tableau (Salesforce).

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Reports Development
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Training, Documentation and Support
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DataTerrain delivers Jaspersoft reporting excellence.

Jaspersoft has been a leader in business analytics and reporting with its ease of integration with enterprise applications enabled by its suite of flexible, highly interactive analytics dashboards. Business usage ranges from Sales teams to Finance to HR to Educational Institutions daily in every business step. As a successful data analytics service provider and TIBCO partner, DataTerrain has worked with leading corporations to deliver Jaspersoft-based reporting solutions. DataTerrain’s unique automation tool has worked successfully for customers moving out of legacy products to Jaspersoft.

DataTerrain’s team of experts helps organizations assess business goals and align development approaches quickly. Using DataTerrain’s proprietary analytics tool, we can determine redundant and unused reports and dashboards to reduce the overall footprint of analytics. A much smaller footprint boosts maintenance, and fine-tuning is enhanced. In meetings with business leaders, DataTerrain engineers work with them to understand their detailed objectives so that an architecture and implementation roadmap can be developed using Jaspersoft’s best practices.

DataTerrain has extensive experience embedding and integrating Jaspersoft with various bespoke and cloud-based applications across industries. The company has large-scale implementation expertise in integrating Jaspersoft Studio with Oracle ERP modules and SAP. Zero-defect principles guide DataTerrain during every step, and its methodology has proven to be scalable, handling some of the most significant and complex transitions for global organizations. With many years of customer service experience, DataTerrain can deliver reliable support on demand by customers.

The DataTerrain Difference.

DataTerrain has established a strong record of successful value delivery in large, multi-year Jaspersoft implementation engagements and an excellent partnership with TIBCO, ensuring timely and effective product support and early insights on upcoming features and releases. The company’s research-driven proprietary solution accelerators and automation tools enhance quality and accelerate delivery. Our highly experienced and trained team has thousands of hours of collective experience providing and delivering futuristic roadmaps to maximize return on investment. DataTerrain also employs a global delivery model—with associates from global centers—that provides 24 X 7 project execution, support, training, and strategic planning.

New OBIEE / OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud) reports and Dashboards.

Oracle Corp. has announced that it will no longer support Crystal reports in PeopleSoft applications. Dataterrain’s unique automation engine converts Crystal reports to a Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Publisher format, which helps to reduce the time it takes for organizations to transition from Crystal Reports to Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. Our tool extracts reporting details from Crystal report .rpt files and converts them into BI Publisher (OBIEE), deployed in the same Peoplesoft application. Oracle OBIEE / Business Intelligence Publisher users can create customer-ready HTML and PDF documents such as financial statements, contracts, invoices, and purchase orders utilizing multiple formatting and design options. It supports the E-Text template, an RTF-based template used to generate text output for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It supports a variety of results (HTML/Excel/PDF/CSV/XML/MS Word) to meet various business needs in many languages. DataTerrain works closely with business users to understand reporting requirements and integrates existing PeopleSoft data reporting tools such as PS/Query and output tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Oracle Discoverer, a popular reporting tool for Oracle EBS, is no longer supported by Oracle. As a result, the company will provide no further product enhancements or fixes for any software problems. Oracle recommends that customers migrate to the latest and greatest in business intelligence technology: OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) and OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud) to have seamless integration with Oracle EBS data and SSO (single sign-on) capabilities for greater efficiency.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR or BRIO) is a robust business intelligence tool that gives users access to data across business functions. Oracle corp has withdrawn premium support for this product, but it continues to offer a standard level of support for IR. This tool is unlikely to get new enhancements and fixes.

DataTerrain developed a unique automation tool to preserve years of design efforts and make the transition faster. As a first step, the Metadata Transition Tool builds and validates the Oracle Business Intelligence repository (RPD) to establish the analytics layer and workbooks extract, or BRIO reports transition tool creates Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE / OAC) Answers reports. We bring years of OBIEE/OAC development experience and best practices to build new reports or enhance existing reports and dashboards.

Power BI Cloud Solutions.

DataTerrain’s team has delivered multiple projects in Power BI analytics, with Snowflake or MS SQL server being the data source. Our team is proficient in Power Query and visualizations in Power BI. We have several years of experience embedding Power BI analytics with enterprise-wide applications. Our team has a deep understanding of the Azure platform, which we will apply to build a new analytics infrastructure for Power BI. Building and maintaining an end-to-end analytics application is complex, challenging, and not to mention littered with unforeseen issues. Our consultants can take care of it for you so that you can focus on leveraging your team to achieve more strategic goals to grow your business. We work directly with your stakeholders to assess business needs and analytics requirements. Based on these productive sessions, we document a comprehensive path to achieve positive business outcomes and collaborate closely with your team to put the plan into motion.

We can quickly engage your team and work with you on ongoing projects. Our world-class analytics engineering team is ready to deliver high-end, professional reports and solutions based on your business requirements. We provide continuing support for your business intelligence applications based on a streamlined and agile engagement model. You can expect timely and effective services for all your ongoing needs.



BI Implementation and Maintenance Services

DataTerrain’s expert business intelligence team has extensive experience in implementing and optimizing multiple enterprise-scale business intelligence products and tools on-premises and in the cloud. Our customers range from small to large industries and include leaders in many different sectors. We are able to provide the best possible solutions for any size company, ensuring optimum levels of security, performance, and best practices from inception to implementation.

DataTerrain BI Implementation Services include integrating cloud-based products such as Salesforce, Service Now, Oracle HCM, or Workday. For example, if you connect Jaspersoft Studio with Salesforce or Service Now, DataTerrain can deliver that integration at the enterprise or business unit levels. The second example, we can rewire the data analytics products such as Amazon Quicksight with cloud-based or homegrown on-premises applications to establish a seamless data flow in your organization to deliver data consistency and avoid misleading duplication. Your business will optimize value from its Business Intelligence (BI) platform investments by achieving a complete view of all available information to make better decisions.

BI Implementation Services includes:

  • BI Platforms and Package Implementation
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse design, build and maintain in Snowflake/Redshift
  • Merging Data from different sources and ERP Application
  • Reporting and Analytics in multiple applications cloud/On-premises
  • ETL extensions and customizations using Informatica / ODI / Glue / Snap Logic
  • BI Dashboard development Services include merging multiple reports into single or fewer dashboards
  • BI Dashboards Performance Tuning

Oracle HCM cloud support

  • Oracle BI Applications upgrade in OAC
  • Upgrade assessment and designing roadmap
  • Unique Oracle HCM pre-built reports and dashboards
  • Building new dashboards based on the scope from your business users
  • Implementation and user training

Data Analytics

DataTerrain Analytics design, development and maintenance

Successful businesses recognize the value of data analytics in differentiating their business from the competition. Collecting, organizing, and analyzing data is crucial to any company that wants to stay ahead of its competitors. A robust data analytics infrastructure should include an analytical layer or a metadata layer where the underlying data infrastructure is organized in a business-friendly format so that any level of user can drag and drop data fields to view the information in dashboards designed to facilitate action based on real-time insights. Our Business Intelligence & Analytics experts have developed tools and techniques for collecting data and validating its accuracy. We collaborate with customers to determine their needs and goals, then create overall plans that drive success for all concerned.

Customer Analytic Scope Call
Metadata Layer Development
Metadata Objects Mapping
Analytics Optimization
Analytics Testing
Analytics Deployments
Customer Training, Documentation and Support
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DataTerrain has developed a robust automation tool to convert metadata files across multiple BI platforms. Our automation tools support the transition of metadata source files like SAP BusinessObjects Universe file, IBM Cognos Explorer Universal Server and IBM Cognos Express, Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, and Hyperion Essbase Reporting Services. When it receives these files in a suitable format (such as *.biar, *.univ, *.eex, and *.rpd), DataTerrain’s engine converts them to their respective destination formats, preserving the joins and table structures. These converted metadata files are similar in functionality to those created by their source systems. They can also support ad hoc reports.

ETL automation

ETL Solutions – Glue / Informatica / Snap Logic.

Extract – Transform – Load – Explore your data!

DataTerrain has developed unique automation tools to migrate legacy PLSQL scripts or legacy ETL tools that have time-tested business logic to modern ETL processes. Moving to the latest ETL tools gives current business owners a great graphical user interface to easily understand and modify the process or validate the data on demand. DataTerrain can showcase methods to efficiently lift and shift data into a format much more suitable for business/data analysis.

ETL Tools such as Informatica or Glue, or Snap Logic are designed to extract data from its source and load the data into a different destination. ETL tools perform essential data preparation for business analysis transforming it into a state fit for analysis and then moving the resulting data to a final location such as a Dynamo DB or Redshift or Snowflake, or S3 bucket. ETL is a critical component of many data-driven applications, ensuring that the data is in the correct format and is up-to-date. Without ETL, it would be difficult to keep data in sync between multiple systems.

Improved data quality with ETL tools is very efficient, and the resultant refined data give business much more accuracy and efficiency. ETL tools are a critical component of modern data science, enabling data scientists to analyze data before it reaches analytics platforms.

Can we schedule a time to discuss the ETL tools you are evaluating and how our re-engineering capabilities may be of use to you?

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