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Now more than ever, organizations need to invest in their employees’ learning and development if they are to retain them. According to a recent news article, 93% of employees would stay longer in an organization if it invested in developing their skills development.

However, companies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to modern employees’ training and development. In the past, learning was delivered on-the-job or through conventional forms, including classroom settings. The modern workplace is full of adaptable and critical thinkers whose approach to learning and development is completely different.

What characterizes the modern learner?

Getting the modern employee to learn is not as simple as creating the training and presenting it to them. The modern learner is not only tech-savvy and always on the go but also has to deal with a host of disruptions. For this reason, their expectations and approaches to learning are rather different. Today’s content has to be available on-demand, beautifully designed, mobile-ready, and relevant. This explains why tools such as HCM Cloud have increasingly become popular.

The modern learner also requires that information and knowledge be available on-demand for easy shareability. As such, companies have had to look for ways to diffuse access to information and accelerate the speed of information sharing across the organization.

It is not uncommon for the modern worker to have multiple jobs at a go. For instance, they may hold a full-time job while at the same time running a business or even driving for a company such as Lyft. The modern employee prefers highly individualized training that will enable them to hone a specific skill or interest. Employers can get an idea of what courses the employees might be interested in through HCM Fusion reports

The modern worker is also keen on applying the knowledge they acquire. Besides helping them get a better perspective of their role, this also helps improve their productivity. With the abundance of information across the internet and its shareability, leaders have to give directions on what information is right. Employers can also get feedback on the impact of their training and development programs through Oracle Learn Reports. Modern learning systems can also learn the employees’ learning behaviors over time and curate training and development content to suit their needs.

Monitor and Utilize Data With HCM Reports

In a highly evolving business landscape, it has become critical to improve one’s team. Organizations need to invest in programs that train their employees on specific skills. Employee growth plans also need to be more expansive rather than focus on role improvement. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today to see what we can do for your organization.