Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight is released in multiple versions; the following features would help in selecting the appropriate edition for your requirement.

Standard Edition
● You can invite any person with an email address to create an Amazon QuickSight–only user account.
● When a user account is created, Amazon QuickSight sends an email to that user inviting them to activate their account.
● When a user account is created, you can also choose to assign it either as an administrative or a user role.
● You perform all management of users by adding, changing, and deleting user accounts in Amazon QuickSight.
Enterprise Edition
● All users in these groups are authorized to sign in to Amazon QuickSight as administrators.
● You can only add or remove Enterprise edition user accounts by adding or removing a person from a Microsoft Active Directory group that you associated with Amazon QuickSight.
● You can also bulk add or remove user accounts by integrating Microsoft Active Directory groups with, or removing Microsoft Active Directory groups from, Amazon QuickSight.
● Deactivating a user by removing it from a Microsoft Active Directory group, or by removing their Microsoft Active Directory group from integration with Amazon QuickSight, does not delete the associated Amazon QuickSight user account for that person.
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