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What is Business Intelligence and What Are BI Tools

Employees are every organization’s most valuable asset because employees are essential to producing and providing products and services. Every organization should be employee-centric. Employees are the face of an organization and they nurture an organization’s culture. They are the base of every strong and enduring organization. They are the major contributors to the sales, profits, and worth of an organization.

It makes sense to help employees in every way possible to carry out the mission of the business, have a positive influence over customers, make sales, meet deadlines, and build the brand. To enhance employee success and improve the employee experience smart employers and company leaders now use Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Business intelligence (BI) is the use of software and services to transform business data into actionable insights, thus improving a business’s operations. BI tools combine business analytics, data mining, reporting, performance metrics, benchmarking, descriptive and statistical analytics, and data visualization, all to help an organization make better data-driven decisions and arrive at improved outcomes. BI support technology delivers employee-centric analytic tools.

How Do BI Tools Benefit an Organization’s Human Capital Management

They offer the benefits of reduced hiring costs, better retention, improved training and performance review processes, and more cohesive employee management and company communication. In short, they make human resource processes simpler, easier, and more effective. HCM cloud technology makes data applications useful to help a workforce be more trusting, more empowered, and to give employees a voice to provide helpful feedback. It can promote employee development and internal career growth and mobility.

Data Terrain Offers Employee-Centric Analytical Tools for Your Organization

Data Terrain is a leading service provider of Business Intelligence analytical reports, dashboard development, and support. We offer over 10 years of experience in employee-centric analytical tools to support employee success including planning, design, development, functionality testing, data testing, and reporting.

DataTerrain specializes in Snowflake, Tableau Analytics/reporting, Amazon’s Quicksight analytics/reporting, and Jasper studio reporting solutions. We will work with you from exploration to finding the right solutions that fit your business. HCM cloud technology makes employee-centric analytics work to propel business success.

Seek Superior Business Intelligence Services with DataTerrain

Our proven automation technology delivers business intelligence at your fingertips. We provide real-time analytics and reporting to drive business results that are trusted by over 250 customers across North America. Contact us here to get started with employee-centric BI tools and analytical applications.