DataTerrain a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, announced the launch of reports conversion solution for customers who are migrating from legacy platforms to Cognos platform and support both 10.x and 11.x versions.

DataTerrain’s conversion solution to Cognos includes both the reports and the Framework Manager. DataTerrain’s automation tool, which forms the core of the conversion solution enables the customers with legacy BI platforms like BRIO, Discoverer, Oracle 10g to migrate to Cognos. The converted metadata (Framework Manager) works seamlessly in the Cognos platform and supports Adhoc reports.

The analysis component of the automation tool examines all the elements, identifies the missing elements and provides a detailed log that can be used for pinpointed analysis to narrow down report migration issues. The converted reports work seamlessly in Cognos. The conversion framework includes the analysis phase, which thoroughly reviews all the source elements, identifies the missing elements, that can also be used for pin pointed analysis to reduce the report migration issues.DataTerrain’s experts can provide solutions for the compatibility issues and resolve them.

Customers can take advantage of DataTerrain’s conversion solution to preserve years of efforts in designing the reports and metadata while migrating to Cognos.
DataTerrain’sconversion Services are offered under a Fixed-cost basis for any type or the number of reports basis. There are NO long-term contracts required and it can be utilized for a specific project to a broader spectrum of support
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About DataTerrain
DataTerrain is a Silicon Valley-based company which is focused on automated Business Intelligence reports/metadata migration solutions and Oracle HCM reporting solutions. DataTerrain’s proprietary automated conversion solution helps customers in converting reports across multiple BI technologies preserving years of effort in designing the original reports. DataTerrain automated conversion service has been used by hundreds of customers across the globe. For more information visit