DataTerrain, a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, has over 10 years of experience in Planning, Designing, Development, Tuning, and Support a variety of Business Intelligence tools and specializes in reporting solutions. The DataTerrain team has in-depth, real-world expertise in Oracle HCM application and specifically in reporting.

DataTerrain particularly chooses to adopt new functionalities and features as they are released. In this process, it enables clients to enjoy the benefits of the investments made on the research and development in Oracle Cloud HCM over the last few years.

Oracle Cloud packed into a single software platform helps to make human resources work better within an integrated HCM framework. Analytics can provide actionable insights to increase efficiency and improve productivity. Moving to the HCM solution seem like an intimidating challenge, but when done rightly, it can work wonders for your profit margin while improving employee engagement and motivation.

DataTerrain can create highly optimized reports on Payroll, using Oracle HCM Cloud BI platforms. We offer better and more efficient reports for your organization that can ensure all payroll details are generated, with accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. To enhance organizational satisfaction, DataTerrain gives support to the reports from Development to Production Deployment. There are several features within HCM Cloud that can help you automate these processes such as a checklist, payroll processing, and Payroll calculations. Automation can help you save time and money as you reduce the manual workload within your organization.

DataTerrain has a profound experience, in-depth knowledge, and expertise when it comes to the delivery of payroll services. Different organizations choose to pay at different frequencies – weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, etc. Changing the frequencies may make more sense for some organizations than others, and it is crucial to be aware of restrictions in individual states and unions that may affect your organization’s ability to change payroll frequencies.

With Payroll dashboards, you can track things like labor costs, the number of checks, pay cards and direct deposits, or the cycle time to resolve a payroll error.

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About DataTerrain :
DataTerrain is a Silicon Valley-based company focused on automated BusinessIntelligence reports/metadata migration solutions and Oracle HCM reporting solutions.DataTerrain’s proprietary automated conversion solution helps customers in converting reports across multiple BI technologies preserving years of effort in designing the original reports. DataTerrain automated conversion service has been used by hundreds of customers across the globe.
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