Oracle has delivered a set of seeded reports, as a part of the installation package, for the Fusion HCM users to view the data from the Fusion System.

Once Users start using these reports, they would have a need to modify the reports to include more information or have few other filters additionally for easier Audit/Tax Filing purposes.
Some of the usual modification requests from the users are:
1. Adding/Removing sub-totals/Grand-Totals from the existing output.
2. Few reports have only Excel output but Users require it as Text output, which also is possible.
3. Addition/Deletion of columns from the existing report as per User’s needs.
4. Parameters/Static Filters can be added to the HCM Extracts/Reports as per User’s specification.
Apart from modifications, users will also need report enhancement such as:
1. In the ‘Statutory Deduction Register’ report, the existing ‘Summary’ layout produces incorrect sub-totals for the Base Amount Current/Taxable Wages value.
2. Users wanted to concat the Employee number, Name and SSN in the ‘Employee Active Payroll Balance report’ as similar to ADP Report so that they can do a quick compare of these 2 reports for their internal audit.
3. ‘Payroll Deduction report’ displays the deduction elements but Users wanted to view the appropriate ‘Deduction end date’ also along with the elements.
4. Most of these reports had output as Excel/PDF as delivered by Oracle. The user would need the reports to be modified to deliver text, ie, csv outputs.
DataTerrain has already worked out the solutions to many scenarios like the above and fix them in quick time, having done numerous enhancements to the existing Oracle’s HCM reports.
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