A global Top 10 semiconductor manufacturer which is also a leading technology company in the United States is accelerating its global operations. As the global market witnesses intense competition for top-notch localized talent, the leadership team of this company decided to focus on transforming its human capital management. Investing in a solution to attract and retain the best talent available in its global centers was identified as a focus area. With an employee strength of over 30000 and multiple initiatives driving personnel changes at a rapid pace, proactive tracking of HCM metrics at a large scale was deemed critical. Standardized reporting and dashboards for leadership teams needed to be balanced with localized information needs and customizations in different divisions. Investments in Oracle HCM and Taleo provided the necessary functional and transactional backbone for the customer to meet its business objectives.
With a strong foundation established across its global HR, payroll, time and labor, compensation, and talent management processes, the customer determined that expanding its customized HCM reporting would be key to accelerating time to value. Integration of business intelligence, social networking tools with enhanced data access across devices also became a necessity while improving compliance with local and international laws.
However, the key challenge for the customer was to manage the technical complexity of integrating data across multiple systems and platforms.
The customer chose DataTerrain to support them through this critical phase of value delivery after evaluating DataTerrain’s expertise and capabilities across different platforms. DataTerrain’s track record for delivering complex integrations and its previous successful project to convert the customer to Oracle HCM was another major factor in the decision.

DataTerrain’s cross-functional approach
DataTerrain used the understanding gained during the transition and strung together a team of experts across Oracle HCM, Taleo, Oracle BICS(Business Intelligence Cloud Service), OAC(Oracle Analytics Cloud), and ODI(Oracle Data Integrator). The team included functional experts in HCM processes on the one hand and architects, designers, and developers with in-depth knowledge of BICS, OAC, ODI, and Oracle cloud platforms.
The scope of services performed by thus team included –
1.) Understanding and documenting user requirements for enhancements to existing reports and new reporting requirements
2.) Providing business analysis and advisory support to end-users to develop integrated employee views and analytics across HCM, Taleo, and the customized time accounting system.
3.) Adding customized features, enhancing existing report features, and building customized reports where OTBI did not directly address customer expectations. Some of the major types of custom reports in Oracle HCM include – headcount reports, attrition reports, employee diversity reports, and their related trend analyses. In Taleo, this includes reports on recruiting trends and University trends
4.) Developing data integration solutions for user-defined fields in complex customizations
5.) Designing and developing reports including complex data integrations across applications, data sources, and environments.
6.) Recommending and implementing workarounds for information not supported in HCM and requiring external integrations
7.) Independently maintaining the BICS and OAC environments
8.) Maintaining high-performance for the reports and dashboards with minimal downtime
9.) Ensure timely completion of period-end reporting jobs – daily/weekly/monthly/ quarterly/annual
10.) Technical support for Oracle HCM and Taleo on demand
11.) Dedicated 365 days support for end-users

The Data Terrain difference

The customer has highlighted the following as the major drivers for value delivered by DataTerrain –

1.) In-depth expertise – DataTerrain’s integrated team with technical and functional expertise across all Oracle platforms eliminated technical and integration bottlenecks for the customers. This includes data flow and customizations, ODI processes, BICC processes, and BICS. A variety of data sources and formats were seamlessly handled by this team including – UCM flat files, Taleo interfaces, and flat files from external custom Time application. This team also handled the first level of support for maintaining and managing changes on the BICS including the RPD repository. This enabled the customer to focus on the business outcomes they needed to achieve and determine the analytics and reporting they required.

2.) Accelerated customization – DataTerrain’s pre-built repository of Oracle HCM and Taleo reports minimized the time and effort required for the customer. The following are areas addressed by the pre-built Oracle HCM reports repository from which accelerated customizations were made available on demand for the benefit of users –
• HR reports – Employee records, departmental details, aggregate reports
• Security reports – hiring, transfers, role reassignments, termination
• Payroll reports consisting of employees and exec compensation, statutory and tax filings, reconciliations
• Compensation Reports – Reports on incentives and compensation based on salary grades and eligibility
• Benefits reports including commissions, profit sharing, healthcare, 401k, dependent care, ESPP, HSA contributions
• Tax reports employee and organizational level aggregate reports including federal/state/local deductions, medicare, worksite level reports
• Audit reports– compliance reports for EEOC, FT/PT, HRS178, FLSA reports,
Similarly, DataTerrain provided accelerated pre-built report customization support in the following areas –
• Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service
• Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service
• Oracle Taleo Performance Management Cloud Service
• Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service
• Oracle Taleo Compensation Cloud Service

3.) Global delivery model – DataTerrain team members operate from its global delivery centers and ensure round the clock support to end-users. By ensuring smooth handovers between the onsite and offshore teams, DataTerrain has team members working round the clock to quickly turn around high-priority requests.

DataTerrain has helped the customer unlock the value of its investments in Oracle HCM and Taleo by provided integrated reporting, dashboards, and analytics.