DataTerrain, a California-based provider of business Intelligence automation and a host of related, technology-driven services, recently provided crucial assistance to a Canadian provincial government with automated transition from SAP Crystal Reports to Jaspersoft. The automation tool is BI neutral. It can convert reports, dashboards, analytics, and metadata from a variety of BI products. In this specific project, it is a transition from SAP Crystal reports to Tibco Jaspersoft.

Canadian provincial government decided to use Tibco software’s Jaspersoft for its business reporting and analytics. Jaspersoft, an open architecture reporting software that allows users and developers to customize data sources and deployment methods. As a result of the decision, DataTerrain was approached to perform extensive presentation and proof of concepts to showcase the possibility of moving to a newer BI faster and seamless. There was a clear list of needs specified by the customer before the project. To preserve familiar Graphic User Interface (among other benefits) was one of priority one request, this allowed the client not to lose out on the design efforts that were spent for years to develop business-critical custom reports and analytics.

While all reporting data and Business Intelligence is sensitive, providing service to a governmental body was an opportunity to highlight the attention to security and accuracy. DataTerrain applied 2-factor authentication and RSA token authorization for users across the reporting platform. DataTerrain was able to preserve the security standards and provide enhancements.

Throughout the project, DataTerrain achieved pixel perfect, 1:1 transition of reports through rigorous testing and state of the art automation. DataTerrain’s team consisted of 5 offshore developers, one offshore QA analyst, and one Canada-based project manager. This agile, offshore team was able to work across time zones, utilize immediate feedback from the collocated QA analyst to reduce development time, and implement automation to convert and convert 14 highly complex reports from SAPCrystal Reports to Jaspersoft in 1 month per the customer timeline.

DataTerrain automation successfully converted complex reports, subreports, and charts from SAP Crystal Reports to Jaspersoft while maintaining existing reporting structure. Advanced HTML5 chart properties were implemented within Jaspersoft to create charts within the client’s reports. Broad user groups welcomed the rich visualization and simplicity in reporting and analysis. With successful transition, the provincial government can generate the necessary reports they’ve grown accustomed to, while also using the capabilities of Jaspersoft to improve in-report charting. The customizable nature of their new platform also creates future value, giving the organization options for new methods of the data assessment and reporting as needs arise.

Project management was critical for two reasons: time and security-sensitive nature of the projects. DataTerrain delivered all the reports on time with outstanding quality. Regular meetings were held with customers to exchange ideas and collect feedback. Details were implemented, and technical aspects of each report and dashboard discussed on a biweekly basis to ensure accuracy throughout the transition. All updated reports delivered with zero bugs identified by the client or DataTerrain teams. Bug tracking mechanisms and project tracking methods were shared with the client on-demand basis. All the teams were able to update the status and feedback at a central reporting system; thereby, multiple teams need not wait for the status checks on the meetings unless it is a particular case. This facilitated significant interaction between teams and fast-forwarded the project movement.

It was critical to have team members with in-depth knowledge of both technologies for making the equivalent choices when moving over and incorporating the new product’s best practices. This is an evolution between Tibco, the client, and the DataTerrain team. Weekly joint sessions capture the best possible options for the client-specific requirements. DataTerrain worked with great techniques in analytics and reporting and created logs for all the activities that can be used efficiently for many other projects. The team carries forward these experiences to the more substantial client base and provide knowledge transfer from extensive research during ongoing Jasper-focused webinars and presentations. Training sessions were conducted for the users and extensive documentation provided.

DataTerrain approached this project with the utmost care, understanding the immediate importance of governmental information, and the need for a fast, seamless transition away from a family of software that is nearing End of Life. Through customizable solutions and a workflow based on agility and communication, DataTerrain was able to meet and exceed client expectations well within the designated time frame, and more importantly, allow the Canadian province to continue serving its citizens without significant disruption. DataTerrain is grateful to the client and Tibco teams for working together as one team.