Jaspersoft reports

Jaspersoft Studio provides tools to help user define report fields and create a proper query if a query language is used to acquire the data for the report. These tools are presented in the Dataset and Query dialog.

It also provides an easy way to build SQL queries by using a drag-and-drop query builder. This allows users who don’t know SQL or just are not sure about the syntax to quickly join tables and produce complex data filters and where conditions. SQL Builder also provides a way for skilled users to explore the database and list the metadata such as schemas and available tables.

Using Dataset and Query Dialog:

The dataset and query dialog allows a user to:
• Select a data adapter with which to configure the dataset. Usually, a data adapter is selected, but it is possible to change it if necessary.
• Select a query language for the dataset being edited (which can be the main dataset or a sub-dataset used to populate a chart or a table).
• Specify the query by typing text or by using a tool, if available, designed for the selected language. A tool is available for several languages including SQL, XPath and JSON.
• Retrieve the fields from the selected Data Adapter: these can be provided directly by the Data Adapter or by executing the query and reading the response metadata.
• Add, edit, and remove fields and parameters.
• Edit sort options.
• Provide an expression to filter dataset records.
• Preview the data, if supported by the selected data adapter.

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