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Power BI Brings Your Business New Life

Business intelligence (BI) is a necessary tool for any effective organization. Like HCM Cloud, Power BI makes planning and action easier and more synergistic. In this tech blog we discuss migrating to Power BI systems and what such a migration brings to the table.

The Basics of Power BI

Delivered via various mobile, desktop, and online portals, Power BI is a Microsoft suite of tools. Its essential purpose is to draw data from disparate sources together and deliver reports in an easily digestible manner.

Beyond the online, mobile, and desktop delivery portals, Power BI can also disseminate data through the Power BI Report Builder. This tool creates paginated reports and coordinates with the Report Server, an on-premises storage and publication system.

Paginated reports created by the Power BI Report Builder are quite useful for situations when it is helpful to display data on a page. For instance, if you want to send specific data relevant to an upcoming meeting, you could do so with a paginated report. These reports can also be the backbone for invoices and other documents.

Meanwhile, the Power BI Report Server is useful for when your organization wants to keep data behind a firewall or wishes to store data on-site.

The Flexibility of Power BI

Power BI’s data delivery methods are flexible such that they can become useful to employees in any type of role. A manager who oversees customer relations could use Power BI’s reports to monitor customer engagement scores, while another supervisor could use it to monitor inventory supplies. Power BI’s insights are also applicable to sales, financial analysis, and much more.

Migrating to Power BI

There are several stages to any Power BI migration. Generally speaking, they involve the following processes:

  • Evaluating which parts of Power BI will be the most useful and beneficial for given users.
  • Creating individualized Power BI setups for users.
  • Shifting any legacy BI assets to the new Power BI system.
  • Ongoing adoption and monitoring of the Power BI system.

Give Your Organization the Human Touch with Oracle HCM Reports

Your organization’s specific experience will be unique, and a data analytics company can help you figure out the right approach. If you want to learn even more about this topic, including Discoverer to Power BI migration, DataTerrain has the answers you’re looking for. Contact us here to learn more about our process.