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Strong recruiting is vital for any organization. It’s how businesses bring new talent into the fold, and it’s also one of the ways companies keep existing talent happy. Nobody wants to work at a company that constantly cycles through employees. This article looks at ways businesses can implement new technologies and strategies to keep their recruiting operations competitive.

Create a Clear Application Process

At some point, most people get frustrated by long, tedious processes. In the workplace, that’s why business intelligence (BI) support and other types of streamlining tools exist. By making a process efficient, in the case of BI support, data collection, your employees can get more done.

But just as your business should make sure employees have a clear runway to productivity, it should also make sure that the application process for potential employees is understandable. Redundancies can scare employees off, but straightforward applications can go a long way toward attracting a broad, talented array of individuals.

Keep Track of Prospects and Candidates

Candidate pools are another option. Generally, these will help your business keep its recruiting efforts organized, and can help during the process of identifying prospects who are not actively looking for a job but may be a good fit. Pools also help with converting prospects into candidates. Need a way to organize information on potential hires or virtually anything else? The data presented by HCM Extracts can help.

Pools may be a tool for your business to keep tabs on employees who aren’t a fit now but may be in the future. For instance, someone who finishes as the second-best fit for a position may be the first person your business should contact if additional, similar positions open in the future.

Prioritize Internal Coordination

Especially in bigger organizations, many different employees may be involved in the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process. Without proper coordination, that can lead to confusion for prospects and candidates, all while wasting time and resources internally. Be clear about who is responsible for what, and make sure handoffs are handled well. If a new person starts interacting with a candidate a couple of weeks into the process, explain why to the candidate.

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