Oracle HCM

A leading American technology company, one of the Top 10 semiconductor manufacturers in the world, embarked on a multi-year journey to transform its Human Capital Management (HCM).

The rapid pace of industry changes across the globe drove an increased focus on managing its talent and necessitated proactive tracking of HR metrics to ensure they continued to attract, invest in, and retain the best talent available across its worldwide centers. With around 30,000 employees, the volume of personnel changes, and relevant data, was quite large. This required standardized reporting and dashboards that also needed to be localized and customized for specific areas.  With the proliferation of applications, multiple data sources needed to be integrated. The legacy PeopleSoft system had its limitations in keeping up with the agility the business required.

This industry leader selected cloud-based reporting using Oracle HCM and Taleo to provide the necessary functionality required. Improved HCM reporting was expected to align and manage resources better by integrating data across global HR, payroll, time and labor, compensation, and talent management. Improved compliance with local and international laws through the integration of business intelligence, social networking tools, and enhanced data access across devices was another key outcome.

The challenge – new technology and ongoing demand for internal IT time.

Short term external experts complimented their development and deployment goals. Clear time and cost goals were set towards achieving their goals. They recognized that they needed external experts with in-depth knowledge in multiple areas like Oracle HCM, Taleo, Oracle BICS(Business intelligence cloud service) and ODI(Oracle Data integrator) to produce the outputs required at the pace they wanted. Besides, domain knowledge was identified as the key to accelerating the creation of reports.

DataTerrain was selected for its expertise in developing and accelerating the delivery of HCM reports using its prebuilt repository. A further advantage was to leverage DataTerrain’s pool of experts with several years of collective experience in HCM reporting and BI integration on BICS and ODI.

DataTerrain’s accelerated HCM reporting rollout

DataTerrain jump started the project, bringing its prebuilt repository of HCM reports. This set of about 300 reports covers the following areas:

  • Payroll reports including timesheets, compensation, W2, statutory and tax filings, local/ county, state-specific and federal reporting, reconciliations, exec compensation
  • Benefits reports including extensive reporting on 401k, healthcare, dependent care, commissions, profit sharing, ESPP, HSA contributions
  • Tax reports including federal/state/local deductions, medicare, worksite level reports, summary reports, employee and organizational level aggregate reports
  • Audit reports– FLSA reports, other reporting for compliance like EEOC, FT/PT, HRS178
  • Compensation Reports – Reporting on eligibility, salary grades, incentives, compensation
  • Security reports including reports on hiring, transfers, termination, role reassignments
  • HR reports – Employee records, departmental details, aggregate reports

DataTerrain experts in HCM delighted business users by implementing fully-functioning reports within a few weeks and provided:

  • Maintenance support for existing reports
  • Enhancements to existing reports
  • Customizations for reports from the prebuilt repository
  • Development support for new reports

ODI resources from DataTerrain created and executed the necessary load plans for data integration. The execution was managed 24×7 by leveraging DataTerrain’s global delivery centers and following best practices.  The entire process was accelerated as DataTerrain SMEs (subject matter experts) on BICS also joined this team and issues were identified and resolved on the fly. Where required, the DataTerrain team coordinated with Oracle to resolve underlying issues or implement suitable fixes.

For Taleo, DataTerrain experts provided expertise to maintain, enhance and develop new reports for:

  • Oracle Taleo Compensation Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo On-boarding Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Performance Management Cloud Service
  • Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

DataTerrain experts enabled automation for both conversion of existing reports and the creation of new Taleo webi reports to Oracle BI. This preserved a significant portion of the effort already invested and enabled conversions in minutes.

Customer Benefits and value-add by DataTerrain

The speed and agility of the DataTerrain team and its ability to deliver functioning reports in weeks led to enhanced user satisfaction. Associates mentioned the following as highlights of DataTerrain’s project execution –

  1. Prebuilt reports: These accelerated their time to value and the quick wins generated positive vibes and helped turn the tide rolling out the new HCM reporting system.
  2. Follow the sun: With global delivery centers of DataTerrain ensuring that project execution continued 24×7, faster progress was achieved due to lower turnaround times.
  3. Local coordination across units: DataTerrain project managers took the lead to coordinate locally with teams in the US and India respectively, to accelerate requirements gathering, clarifications, and decision making.
  4. Deep expertise across Oracle products: DataTerrain team consisted of experts in Oracle Taleo, Oracle HCM, ODI and BICS, enabling smooth integration and project execution. This solved a major gap when attempting to complete the project internally.
  5. Faster product fixes: DataTerrain used its knowledge base and partnership with Oracle to triage, follow-up and accelerate issue fixes.

Recognizing the value provided by DataTerrain, experts in the successful set up of HCM reporting, this industry leader has now on-boarded. DataTerrain to prepare their migration from BICS to OAC.