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HCM Works Better in The Cloud

Shifting to cloud applications is forecasted by Gartner that 30% of the upcoming software purchases by the most significant vendors in the world will be cloud-based by 2019. IDC predicts half of IT expenditure will be cloud-only, reaching 60% of every infrastructure and up to 70% of every software, technology and services expenditure by 2020.

Cloud applications can assist to reduce operational expenses, enhance business agility and escalate effectiveness of compensation, advantages, and payroll. Before deciding to go cloud-only, you can begin with baby steps. Cognizant transformational services associate with Oracle to assist the customer in adapting to the changes that come with moving to Cloud-only.

Managing the changes with transformation changes

Oracle applications for Cloud use the best disciplines to assist you to continue the business cleanly and having updated and excellent software to support your business. It is essential to comprehend what your business would be like after applying Oracle Cloud to make sure that the move is right.

Transformation services offer a view of how your business would look like after this change. HCM and HR Cloud applications introduce computerization to the previous manual processes. A Cloud map will assist HR departments that manually enter employee details by putting up a self-service model. Depending on discussions with Cognizant assumes modeling to show how your business will appear having applied the Human Resource Management cloud-based system.

A job impact scrutiny may also be performed to see how your applications can be flawlessly moved to the Cloud and assist you to manage changes in business as usual. During transformation, some disruptive changes come up, and they have solutions. For example, while shifting from an EPR system that is on the foundation, we can find a way to see how Cloud will modify how your people work in HR and the international enterprise.

Why transformation?

The most prominent benefit of transforming is that you know what to expect and how to handle the changes. Also, decisions made during transformation trickle down to the change management resulting in a faster Cloud application and investment return. The transformation will ensure the whole business is ready to adopt this change and not just HR.

Technology – Businesses with the modern techniques are likely to entice the young talents of today and tech survey labor force.

Data sharing – Our Cloud-based solution eases sharing of data between Human Capital Management and HR data with other business areas like colossal data planning which leads to employees accessing better actionable insights of business.

Benefit from employee talent – Transformation will lead to employee empowerment, and they will provide additional information about themselves to the business.

Business Intelligence Is The Key To Success

Successful implementation of Cloud applications requires steadiness between business transformation and the process, and it is also a journey that requires baby steps. If your business is ready to take the next steps, but you’re not sure where to start, contact DataTerrain. Together we can create a build a conversion plan that will drive your organization forward.