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Overview of Continuous and Automated Data loading in Snowflake using Snowpipe

Snowpipe is Snowflake's continuous data ingestion service

Snowpipe is Snowflake’s continuous data ingestion service. Snowpipe loads data from files as soon as they are available in a staging area based on the COPY statement defined in a referenced pipe. The COPY statement identifies the source location (e.g. AWS S3 Bucket) of the data files and a target table to be used by Snowpipe to load data into Snowflake table. Below mechanisms are available for detecting and loading the staged files: Automating Continuous Data Loading Using Cloud Messaging Calling Snowpipe REST Endpoints to Load Data Automating Continuous Data Loading Using Cloud Messaging – Automated data loads uses event notifications (e.g. AWS SQS) for cloud storage to inform Snowpipe of the arrival of new data files to load. Snowpipe then copies the files into a queue, from which they are loaded into the target table in a continuous, serverless fashion based on parameters defined in the pipe.Calling Snowpipe REST Endpoints to Load Data – Your client application calls a public REST endpoint with a list of data filenames and a referenced pipe name. If new data files matching the list are discovered in the stage, they are queued for loading. Snowflake-provided compute resources load data from the queue into […]

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