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Expedite Peoplesoft Reports to Oracle HCM Migration Using Pre-Built Reports

Most of the big enterprises have started migrating their Peoplesoft system to Oracle Fusion HCM. After the migration process, one of the important challenges faced by the Users is that they would be not able to have the reports in Oracle Fusion HCM that they were previously using in Peoplesoft Environment. Oracle provides a bundle of pre-built reports which users can make use for viewing the required Payroll/HR/Compensation data from Fusion. In certain scenarios, users would like to have their existing PeopleSoft report replicated in Oracle Fusion HCM for requirements such as tax filing or other internal audit purposes. DataTerrainhas created a variety of pre-built Oracle HCM reports which are similar to Peoplesoft reports in report functionality and formatting features such as page breaks and totals. These reports can be quickly rolled out with minimal customization, saving significant time and cost. Some of the useful Peoplesoft reports that are already pre-built in Oracle Fusion HCM are: • PAY007 – Deduction in Arrears • PAY013(CN) – Employee Earnings Snapshot • TAX010FD – Tax Summary – Federal (can be run for a date range) • TAX010ST – Tax Summary – State (can be run for a date range) • TAX900 – Tax […]

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Charting Functionality in Jaspersoft

JasperReports support many built-in charts created using the popular open source library JFreeChart. These charts help to create visually compelling reports and dashboards. • Chart components of the Jaspersoft reports simplify the way to insert the charts into the reports and also the process of gathering chart data becomes easier. • When compared to other reporting tools many varieties of charts can be created in Jasper such as Pie, Pie 3D, Scatter, Bubble, High-Low-Open-Close, Candlestick, Gantt, xyBarChart, linechart etc. • Pixel perfect report designer includes layouts containing charts and images are being supported in all types of editions. • Characteristics such as orientation and background color can be defined in jasper reports. For instance, the label rotation attribute allows the text labels on the x-axis to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. • Configuration can be done for all charts such as a border around all sides, title font, show/hide legend, plot area background color, subtitle font etc. • Commercial editions provide advanced HTML5 charts which are interactive DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We are flexible in […]

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Jaspersoft Community vs Professional editions

Jaspersoft provides Community and Professional editions by which customers can choose one based on the requirement. The following are major feature differences of Jaspersoft Community and Professional editions, which will help to determine which software edition is right for you • Customers can take advantage of the Jaspersoft Community Support Forum with a discussion on various topics and with patches and software updates. Professional edition offers Commercial license and guaranteed support with issue troubleshooting. • Jaspersoft Community edition provides software updates as soon as they are available. Commercial edition can be upgraded based on the management release cycle. • Jaspersoft allows numerous ways for database connectivity through JDBC drivers. In Professional edition apart from connecting to direct database, a metadata layer called Domain is available. Domains can be created from Jaspersoft Professional edition server and reports can be generated on top of domains. • With respect to Charts, Community edition supports JFree Charting with support on the properties and rendering via the Community forum. In addition to the JFree Charts, Professional edition supports HTML5 charts, Maps Pro, Charts Pro, Widgets Pro and Tibco Maps. HTML5 charts are more attractive and can be used to create interactive reports. They are designed […]

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Jaspersoft Core Benefits Over Other BI Platforms

Jaspersoft has various benefits and features that are helpful in real-world reporting and analytics. The following are some of the Jaspersoft Core features: • Pixel-perfect reporting: Jaspersoft offers very advanced control of page size and typography for the users to generate pixel-perfect invoices, forms and receipts reports which are to be printed. • Native Barcode support: Barcode plays a vital role in Business intelligence reports in the retail and manufacturing sector globally and contains key information including manufacturer data, cost price, retail price and unique identifiers. Jaspersoft supports Barcode functionality by simple drag and drag approach of the Barcode component from the palette. It supports Barcode4J and Barbecue libraries. • Subreports with highly complex layouts: Subreports can be designed with complex layouts and mapped in the main report with parameters passed from the main report to the subreport. In complex scenarios where there is a requirement to return values from another layout, return values feature from the subreports can be used. • Style Template libraries: In BI Reporting, there is a common requirement for using the same style across a lot of reports that falls under the same category. For example, using Bold and Italics styles for all Invoice reports. […]

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Unique Jasper reports conversion automation

Jaspersoft is a great option for customers to migrate from legacy platforms. Jaspersoft provides reporting and analytics that can be embedded into a web or mobile application. It can also serve as a central information hub for the enterprise by delivering mission-critical information on a real-time or scheduled basis to the browser, mobile device, or email inbox in a variety of file formats.

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Improving Employee Success Begins With Better Onboarding Tactics

Oracle Taleo Cloud

Oracle Fusion HCM is a cloud application that can help with key onboarding strategies. Our BI and HCM tools allow your business to succeed from day one; see how in our new post.

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7 Ways Oracle HCM Works for Your Business

hcm performance bi tools

Oracle’s cloud software is innovative and could be just what you need to help propel your business forward. If you’re in the market for new BI tools, here are seven of the ways that Oracle Fusion HCM works for your business.

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5 Cloud Solutions for Your Traditional HR

Embracing complete BI tool migration to HCM cloud solutions offers significant emerging advantages concerning recruitment and onboarding. Herein is a brief overview of five ways that Cloud solutions can help your business with HCM.

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