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Report filling process in Jaspersoft Reports

The main objective of any reporting tool is to produce high-quality documents. Report filling process helps reporting tool to achieve this by manipulating sets of data. The main inputs required for the report-filling process are – • Report Template: Its actual JasperReport file. • Report Parameters : These are basically named values that are passed at the report filling time to the engine. • Data Source: User can fill a Jasper file from a range of data sources like an SQL query, an XML file, a CSV file, an HQL (Hibernate Query Language) query, a collection of Java Beans, etc. The output generated by this process is a .jrprint document which is ready to be viewed, printed, or exported to other formats. The facade class net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager is usually used for filling a report template with data. This class has various fillReportXXX() methods that fill report templates. There are two categories of fillReportXXX() methods in the façade class – • The first type receives a java.sql.Connection object as the third parameter. Most of the times, reports are filled with data from a relational database. This is achieved by – Connect to the database through JDBC. Include an SQL query inside the report […]

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Oracle HCM Fast Formulas


Oracle Fast Formula is a tool to write formulas using English words and basic mathematical functions to perform calculations or comparisons. You can use information from your database in formulas without learning the database structure or a programming language. • Fast Formula is an easy way to customize the existing functionality in Fusion Benefits and it hides the complexity of accessing the database tables and columns. • Formulas can take input from a Global window, a database, or a process, such as a payroll run and they return values or messages. • Different formula types are used across various parts of Fusion HCM applications such as Payroll, Benefits Human Resources HCM Extracts, Compensation Management, Absence Management and Oracle Time and Labor. • Formulas are made up of several different components. These can include assignment statements, different types of input including database items, functions, nested expressions, and conditions. • Fast formulas can be used across various Fusion HCM products to perform payroll calculations, define rules for paid time off (PTO) accruals, calculate absence duration, edit rules for object group population for elements or people and so on. • There are predefined formulas for some specific purpose such as accrual plans, tax […]

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Frames in Jaspersoft Reports

A frame is an element that can contain other elements and optionally draw a border around them. Since a frame is a container of other elements, in the document outline view the frame is represented as a node containing other elements. A frame can contain other frames, and so on recursively. To add an element to a frame, just drag the new element from the palette inside the frame. Alternatively, the user can use the outline view and drag elements from a band into the frame and so on. The position of an element is always relative to the container position. If the container is a band, the element position is relative to the top of the band and to the left margin. If the container is a frame, the element coordinates are relative to the top left corner of the frame. Since an element dragged from a container to another does not change its top/left properties, when moving an element from a container to another its position is recalculated based on the new container location. Advantages of using a frame: • When the user moves a frame, all the elements contained in the frame move. • While using a […]

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DataTerrain enhances its HCM Report Migration and Development Services

DataTerrain, a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, enhanced its Oracle HCM report development services for customers who are looking to migrate or develop reports and dashboards in Oracle HCM. DataTerrain has over 10 years of experience in Planning, Design, Development, Tuning, and Support a variety of Business Intelligence tools and specializes in reporting solutions. The DataTerrain team has in-depth real-world expertise in Oracle HCM application and specifically reporting. The DataTerrain Automation (automation tool) extracts report information from a current reporting source, then converts and publishes your reports to the desired target BI reporting system. Our KEY BENEFIT is Automation in converting or newly creating TaleoWebi reports to Oracle business intelligence at guaranteed fixed time and unbeatable low cost. DataTerrain has created a framework which enables customers with PeopleSoft pre-built Tax/HR/Payroll/Benefits reports to either migrate accurately to Oracle Fusion HCM as custom Extracts and Reports or develop new HCM reports in OTBI/BIP or Extract formats. The development service framework starts with an analysis phase, which involves understanding theexisting source report and create a functional description document. This would be followed by the actual report development and validation. DataTerrain reports have excellent features and efficiency that will unleash full potential of […]

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Create a Positive Employee Atmosphere with BI Support Applications

report conversion

BI report support is being used through Oracle HCM cloud applications to create a positive work environment for existing employees and new hires. Streamline the onboarding process for your organization with Oracle BI support from DataTerrain.

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