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Prebuilt HCM Report to view New Hires or Terminations

One of the crucial tasks of HR Team is to maintain a clear track of the new hires and terminations of an Organization. It is necessary for the HR Team to have reports which provide an answer to important questions such as: 1. How many employees are newly hired in the last quarter? 2. How many are terminated within a particular period? 3. In which Business Unit/Location/Department, the most or least hires/terminations occurred? 4. Newly hired/terminated employee count in a particular Payroll DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report provides details related to the new hired/terminated employees. This prebuilt report can be run for the below parameters 1. Start Date/End Date (To get employees in a date range/Quarter) 2. Payroll Name (To filter hire/terminations in a payroll) 3. Organization (Display hire/terminations in an Organization) 4. State/Location/Department (To list hire/termination by State/Loc/Dept) This report can also be run for a default period such as for capturing the hire/terminations in the past 30 days/15 days instead of passing any parameter. This report is built both as an HCM Extract and a BIP report, hence it can be run from the ‘CheckList’ section or from the BI Publisher Catalog, Users can use either Extracts or BIP report […]

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Jumpstart Employee Engagement with BI Technology

Oracle HCM

Emerging HCM Cloud Technology Drives Engagement Employees are 50% more likely to lead engagement in an environment where business technology is made available to them. Many organizations are putting special focus on employee engagement to improve the efficacy of their most valuable assets. Capitalize on technology with the right BI support to ensure job satisfaction, career development and employee retention. Here is how emerging technologies are driving employee engagement. New Working Environments Flexible schedules and virtual offices are more important than ever in the current business climate. Work-from-home and virtual meeting spaces are important parts of any organization that wants to retain and attract high-priority talent. This can often lead to less overhead costs and training time for businesses as well, creating a win-win situation for any company that is willing to take digital transformation seriously. Thanks to solutions such as HCM cloud, there are numerous collaboration tools that you can use to achieve your goals. Collaboration and Training In order to remain competitive, continuous training is often required of employees at every level. In-person meetings, subsidised with virtual classes and one-on-one training help to create an environment of education within your organization. Emerging BI tech allows employees to take […]

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Customizing Oracle’s Fusion HCM Reports

Oracle has delivered a set of seeded reports, as a part of the installation package, for the Fusion HCM users to view the data from the Fusion System. Once Users start using these reports, they would have a need to modify the reports to include more information or have few other filters additionally for easier Audit/Tax Filing purposes. Some of the usual modification requests from the users are: 1. Adding/Removing sub-totals/Grand-Totals from the existing output. 2. Few reports have only Excel output but Users require it as Text output, which also is possible. 3. Addition/Deletion of columns from the existing report as per User’s needs. 4. Parameters/Static Filters can be added to the HCM Extracts/Reports as per User’s specification. Apart from modifications, users will also need report enhancement such as: 1. In the ‘Statutory Deduction Register’ report, the existing ‘Summary’ layout produces incorrect sub-totals for the Base Amount Current/Taxable Wages value. 2. Users wanted to concat the Employee number, Name and SSN in the ‘Employee Active Payroll Balance report’ as similar to ADP Report so that they can do a quick compare of these 2 reports for their internal audit. 3. ‘Payroll Deduction report’ displays the deduction elements but Users […]

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How to Block Email Delivery if Oracle HCM report returns no data

Oracle HCM customers mostly setup E-mail delivery for their custom/pre-built BI and OTBI reports. There would be a requirement where the report should be delivered to the End User only if it satisfies criteria. Usually, we can add these criteria to the BI Query/OTBI Filter section and restrict the report from displaying the data but we should also block the Email Delivery of this report or else the End User will receive an empty attachment which would be an inconvenience. We can use Event Triggers in BI and Rowcount in OTBI to restrict this blank file delivery to End User’s mailbox. In the BI report, create an “EventTrigger” of “Schedule” Type in the data model and specify the criteria which decide the row count of the report. BI report will initially check whether these criteria return any rows and if not, the report is not scheduled at all. Similarly in the OTBI report, on the report properties, under ‘More’, we can schedule it conditionally by providing the row count condition under the ‘Condition’ tab. We can set the schedule based on the condition row count is not zero in order to block the Email delivery. DataTerrain with years of experience […]

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Role based security of Oracle HCM in Cloud

Oracle HCM offers security in Cloud by providing Role-based security, Predefined HCM roles and Role types. There are various security-related tasks which can be performed on the Human Capital Management Cloud security consoles, such as Create and manage the custom job, abstract, and duty roles, compare roles and so on. In order to access the security console, one must hold IT Security Manager role by which Job Roles, duties and users can be implemented and managed. Role-Based Security -Users have roles through which they can gain access to functions and data, they can have any number of roles. Role Types – Oracle HCM has five types of roles such as data roles, abstract roles, job roles, aggregate privileges and duty roles. Role Based Access Control – This defines who can do what on which data. Predefined HCM Roles –Oracle HCM has many predefined roles such as benefits administrator, benefits manager, compensation manager, employee, line manager, etc. HCM cloud security also provides Role Inheritance by which a role can be inherited by other roles. There are few HCM business objects which are secured by default such as a person, organization, position, country, payroll, payroll flow, etc. Unless you grant access to […]

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Insight Driven HR Through Oracle HCM Reporting and Analytics

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With the role of HR changing to be a strategic partner in helping organizations achieve its goals, it needs to keep the workforce agile and drive the desired behavior and increase productivity through real-time insight. Oracle HCM Reporting and Analytics provides the following features, which help to create an insight-driven modern HR function. • Provide a complete view of people and operations in the business. • Analyzing the workforce which helps to identify risks and monitoring using demographics. • Enrich HR data with financial and operational data for a full view of business performance. • With appropriate roles, analytics and reports can be modified and -made available for use by others in the organization. • Centrally manage permissions for data security to govern blended data. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long term binding contracts. Reach us at DataTerrain Inc.

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