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Pre-Built HCM Report to Audit Job Changes of Employees

Oracle HCM

In general, HR Audit reports are critical to have a clear review and comply to standards of how the workforce is utilized in an Organization. The Prebuilt HCM Job Audit report has excellent functionalities to tracks all changes that occurred in an Employee’s Assignment/Job during a date range that we run the report for. This Prebuilt report can be run for a date range or by default for the past 30 days which could be scheduled and delivered to a FTP Server/Email as per the User’s requirement. Enhancements such as adding new parameters or conditions to this report is simple. The output type, by default, is Excel which is also customizable to any other format. DataTerrain’s Pre-built reports usually are built in the below 3 reporting formats: 1. HCM Extract 2. BI Publisher Data model reports 3. OTBI Some Users prefer to run the report from CheckList which would require the report to be built as Extract and some run directly from BI Publisher Catalog for which reports should be BIP/OTBI. We have developed this report in both an HCM Extract report and BI Publisher Data model report which users can make use of as per their needs. The Pre-built […]

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Suffixes help identify the purpose of Oracle HCM tables

You would see lot of tables in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud, but you might wonder what is the purpose of the tables that end with the following suffixes such as _ALL, _TL, _VL, _V, _F, _VL, _A and so on. Below is a description provided for each of these tables: • _ALL table holds all the information about different operating units in Multi-Org environment. • _TL are tables corresponding to another table with the same name. These tables provide multiple language support. For each item in the table without _TL there can be many rows in the _TL table, but all with different values in the LANGUAGE column. • _B tables are the BASE tables. Data is stored in the table with all validations. It is supposed that these table will always contain the perfect format data. • If anything happens to the BASE table data, then it is a data corruption issue. • _F tables are date tracked tables, which occur in HR and Payroll. These table will have the two date columns – EFFECTIVE_START_DATE and EFFECTIVE_END_DATE – which together with the primary key identifies a row uniquely. • _V tables are the views created based on the base […]

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How Cloud-Based Systems Help Automate and Improve Financials

DataTerrain has developed cloud based systems of Business Intelligence services that have been shown to increase return on investments and financial planning of organizations around the globe. Learn more about our BI systems in this new post.

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Prebuilt HCM Report to view Active employees with no Net/Gross Pay

At times, in an Organization, few employees do not receive pay for a particular pay period but still are active on the Payroll. An Employee may be on a break for a particular pay period due to various reasons such as illness or planned absence. HR and Payroll team has to keep track of the list of employees who are not receiving pay during a pay period for tracing any inaccuracies in payment processing. DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report: The Prebuilt report Active No Pay will provide the Users with a list of active employees who has no NET Amount and Gross Amount for any given payroll period. Users can run this report with the below parameters, 1. For an Organization 2. For a single Person 3. For a Date Range 4. For a Payroll This report is built both as an HCM Extract and a BIP report, hence it can be run from the ‘CheckList’ section or from the BI Publisher Catalog, Users can use either Extracts or BIP report respectively, as per their preference. Output: The output data lists the active employees and his organization, assignment details, pay period start/end dates, Gross and NetPay amounts. The output format of this […]

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Prebuilt HCM Report to Audit Employee’s Payroll Hours

Tracking the correct number of working hours of each employee is a significant step in the process of calculating the payments in an Organization. Employees may have worked over the standard hours set for payroll or some would have worked less than the expected standard working hours. The differences between the standard hours and actual hours the employee worked must be recorded properly in order to avoid over/underpayments. Report Description: DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report lists the employee’s assignment, payroll details along with actual hours he worked and the standard working hours corresponding to his payroll. This prebuilt report can be run for the below parameters Effective Date(or End Date) Start Date Payroll Name Organization Employee This report can be run for a date range or a particular effective date based on User’s preference. This Prebuilt report is available as an HCM Extract and hence it can be run from the Checklist but if required, this can be created as a BI Publisher report too. Output: The output data will have both Actual hours worked and the standard working hours of each employee. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also be rendered as PDF/CSV. Schedule: Payroll Team […]

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Role based security of Oracle HCM in Cloud

Oracle HCM offers security in Cloud by providing Role-based security, Predefined HCM roles and Role types. There are various security-related tasks which can be performed on the Human Capital Management Cloud security consoles, such as Create and manage the custom job, abstract, and duty roles, compare roles and so on. In order to access the security console, one must hold IT Security Manager role by which Job Roles, duties and users can be implemented and managed. Role-Based Security -Users have roles through which they can gain access to functions and data, they can have any number of roles. Role Types – Oracle HCM has five types of roles such as data roles, abstract roles, job roles, aggregate privileges and duty roles. Role Based Access Control – This defines who can do what on which data. Predefined HCM Roles –Oracle HCM has many predefined roles such as benefits administrator, benefits manager, compensation manager, employee, line manager, etc. HCM cloud security also provides Role Inheritance by which a role can be inherited by other roles. There are few HCM business objects which are secured by default such as a person, organization, position, country, payroll, payroll flow, etc. Unless you grant access to […]

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