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Cloud HCM Reporting Delivered Results for Leading Manufacturer

Oracle HCM

A leading American technology company, one of the Top 10 semiconductor manufacturers in the world, embarked on a multi-year journey to transform its Human Capital Management (HCM). The rapid pace of industry changes across the globe drove an increased focus on managing its talent and necessitated proactive tracking of HR metrics to ensure they continued to attract, invest in, and retain the best talent available across its worldwide centers. With around 30,000 employees, the volume of personnel changes, and relevant data, was quite large. This required standardized reporting and dashboards that also needed to be localized and customized for specific areas.  With the proliferation of applications, multiple data sources needed to be integrated. The legacy PeopleSoft system had its limitations in keeping up with the agility the business required. This industry leader selected cloud-based reporting using Oracle HCM and Taleo to provide the necessary functionality required. Improved HCM reporting was expected to align and manage resources better by integrating data across global HR, payroll, time and labor, compensation, and talent management. Improved compliance with local and international laws through the integration of business intelligence, social networking tools, and enhanced data access across devices was another key outcome. The challenge – […]

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Prebuilt HCM Report to view Worker Eligibility for next Grade Step

HCM Prebuilt reports

Report Description:DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report is designed to display the eligibility details of employees for their next grade step progression. If the person satisfies a specified duration criterion for the next grade step, then the person will be eligible for the next grade. The metrics of determining the next grade step can be modified as per customer needs.This report can be run for the below parameters● Effective Start DateThis Prebuilt report is available as a BI Publisher Data model report.HDL Files: This report has additional (optional) report templates which would fetch the next Work Terms, Assignment, and Salary information of employees.Customers can use these templates for 2 purposes:● Output from these report templates are in text format which they can upload to the HCM instance using HDL Process to update the employee’s next grade, salary and assignment information.● Users can directly run these report templates to just view the next grade related data of the employees.Output: The output data will have Current Grade and Next Grade Step information along with their assignment, salary, and work terms information of each employee.The output format of this report is Excel.Schedule: This report can be scheduled on a regular basis to track the employees on […]

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