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IBM Cognos analytics-based business transformation going strong

IBM Cognos

As every business continues to transform itself digitally, there is a multi-fold increase in the variety and amount of data being generated. Organizations are rapidly expanding their Business Intelligence(BI) capabilities to generate insights that help them identify new opportunities, accelerate conversion of existing opportunities and overall drive better decision making in both internal and external-facing functions. Market researchers and experts from Data Terrain forecast the global market for BI and analytics software to reach $55.4 Billion by 2026 at an average growth rate of >10%. As one of the Top 3 players in the BI and analytics software market with a wallet share of about 8%. IBM Cognos Analytics continues to rapidly expand its footprint and set benchmarks for its peers. IBM Cognos is the preferred choice for Fortune 100 companies and works with some of the largest organizations worldwide. The charts below summarize the distribution profile of IBM Cognos customers based on revenue, employee strength and industry segments worldwide. IBM Cognos has over 31400 customers across all major regions of the US continues and its growth has been recognizedby BARC, which has named it a market leader in integrated planning and analytics portfolios. The extensive functionality provided by IBM […]

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