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Find the Talent You Need with an Oracle and LinkedIn Collaboration

Are you taking full advantage of your social media platforms? Expand your pool of potential talent with the new collaboration between Oracle Fusion HCM and LinkedIn, making it easier for prospective employees and your business to find one-another.

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Improving Employee Success Begins With Better Onboarding Tactics

Oracle Taleo Cloud

Oracle Fusion HCM is a cloud application that can help with key onboarding strategies. Our BI and HCM tools allow your business to succeed from day one; see how in our new post.

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5 Responsive User Experience Features That Beat Mobile Apps

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Adaptive and responsive user experience features can increase your ROI. Our BI experts put HCM and business analytics to work to show you how Oracle fusion HCM allows any modern business to beat out the competition with programs that are better than traditional apps.

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7 Ways Oracle HCM Works for Your Business

hcm performance bi tools

Oracle’s cloud software is innovative and could be just what you need to help propel your business forward. If you’re in the market for new BI tools, here are seven of the ways that Oracle Fusion HCM works for your business.

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5 Cloud Solutions for Your Traditional HR

Embracing complete BI tool migration to HCM cloud solutions offers significant emerging advantages concerning recruitment and onboarding. Herein is a brief overview of five ways that Cloud solutions can help your business with HCM.

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Hitachi Consulting Realizes Significant Value with HCM Cloud Transformation

HCM Works Better in The Cloud The original HR systems employed by Hitachi Consulting operated as fixed sources of data and separate informational resources. This divide made the compilation of real-time data and BI intelligence report migration nearly impossible. Professionals were forced to compile reports from a slow trickle of manually harvested information that left room for human error. The HCM cloud transformation changed the way that HR systems were utilized and brought Hitachi Consulting into the digital era.

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AI is The Key To Business Growth in a Global Market

Don’t Let Outdated HCM & BI Tools Slow You Down Currently, the rate at which changes are happening in the business world is inconceivable. As such, it is now mandatory for industry leaders to reinvent themselves constantly to keep up. In particular, they need to adequately address three distinct business areas mainly: Business disruption, Experience disruption, and Talent disruption.

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What Is “HCM” And How Can It Help Your Business?

Oracle Fusion HCM helps aid your business in and increase ROI, but what is Human Capital Management? Read our blog to find out more about the latest Oracle Business Intelligence Tools that help global and small businesses.

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