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Pre-built – HCM Report to Track Payroll and TRUs

The Prebuilt Multi-Org Transfer Report has excellent functionalities to tracks all changes that occurred in an employee that has transferred between TRUs (Tax Reporting Unit) and/or Payrolls. This Prebuilt report can be run for an effective date or organization name or employee number which could be scheduled and delivered to an FTP Server/Email as per the user’s requirement. Enhancements such as adding new parameters or conditions to this report are simple. The output type, by default, is Excel which is also customizable to any other format. DataTerrain’s Prebuilt reports usually are built in the below 3 reporting formats: 1. HCM Extract 2. BI Publisher Data model reports 3. OTBI Some users prefer to run the report from CheckList which would require the report to be built as Extract and some run directly from BI Publisher Catalog for which reports should be BIP/OTBI. We have developed this report in both an HCM Extract report and BI Publisher Data model report which users can make use of as per their needs. The Pre-built Multi Org Transfer Report captures the following major functionalities and it is customizable: The existing seeded Payroll Activity Report or Employee Active Balance Report do not list out employees […]

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Innovation in Taleo Leads to Intuitive Analytics and Reporting

DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long term binding contracts.

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Expedite Peoplesoft Reports to Oracle HCM Migration Using Pre-Built Reports

Most of the big enterprises have started migrating their Peoplesoft system to Oracle Fusion HCM. After the migration process, one of the important challenges faced by the Users is that they would be not able to have the reports in Oracle Fusion HCM that they were previously using in Peoplesoft Environment. Oracle provides a bundle of pre-built reports which users can make use for viewing the required Payroll/HR/Compensation data from Fusion. In certain scenarios, users would like to have their existing PeopleSoft report replicated in Oracle Fusion HCM for requirements such as tax filing or other internal audit purposes. DataTerrainhas created a variety of pre-built Oracle HCM reports which are similar to Peoplesoft reports in report functionality and formatting features such as page breaks and totals. These reports can be quickly rolled out with minimal customization, saving significant time and cost. Some of the useful Peoplesoft reports that are already pre-built in Oracle Fusion HCM are: • PAY007 – Deduction in Arrears • PAY013(CN) – Employee Earnings Snapshot • TAX010FD – Tax Summary – Federal (can be run for a date range) • TAX010ST – Tax Summary – State (can be run for a date range) • TAX900 – Tax […]

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Role based security of Oracle HCM in Cloud

Oracle HCM offers security in Cloud by providing Role-based security, Predefined HCM roles and Role types. There are various security-related tasks which can be performed on the Human Capital Management Cloud security consoles, such as Create and manage the custom job, abstract, and duty roles, compare roles and so on. In order to access the security console, one must hold IT Security Manager role by which Job Roles, duties and users can be implemented and managed. Role-Based Security -Users have roles through which they can gain access to functions and data, they can have any number of roles. Role Types – Oracle HCM has five types of roles such as data roles, abstract roles, job roles, aggregate privileges and duty roles. Role Based Access Control – This defines who can do what on which data. Predefined HCM Roles –Oracle HCM has many predefined roles such as benefits administrator, benefits manager, compensation manager, employee, line manager, etc. HCM cloud security also provides Role Inheritance by which a role can be inherited by other roles. There are few HCM business objects which are secured by default such as a person, organization, position, country, payroll, payroll flow, etc. Unless you grant access to […]

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Oracle Fusion HCM features that streamlines Payroll Process

The payroll process is an important and highly complex business function. Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll solutions help to streamline the complex requirements needed to operate in today’s global economy. The following features help in provides error-free and efficient payroll calculation to accurately process payroll and remain in compliance. • Localization – Predefined Legislative Data Groups that are delivered helps calculate payroll according to global and local taxation rules. • Payroll Integrations – Provide a standard interface to third party payroll providers like US ADP Tax Filing. • Customisable–Users could include features like QuickPays, Balance Adjustments, etc. • Fast Formulas – Complex business rules and other criteria can be set by creating fast formulas. • Checklists – Create checklists for actions that require the completion of standard tasks and Monitor the progress of each payroll process. • Predefined Templates – Seeded payroll reports and custom reports can be used to meet the complex reporting requirements and schedule the outputs for any frequency. • Secure User Interface- Navigation through the interface is simple and clear. The intuitive interface provides each user access based on their roles. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more […]

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Insight Driven HR Through Oracle HCM Reporting and Analytics

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With the role of HR changing to be a strategic partner in helping organizations achieve its goals, it needs to keep the workforce agile and drive the desired behavior and increase productivity through real-time insight. Oracle HCM Reporting and Analytics provides the following features, which help to create an insight-driven modern HR function. • Provide a complete view of people and operations in the business. • Analyzing the workforce which helps to identify risks and monitoring using demographics. • Enrich HR data with financial and operational data for a full view of business performance. • With appropriate roles, analytics and reports can be modified and -made available for use by others in the organization. • Centrally manage permissions for data security to govern blended data. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long term binding contracts. Reach us at or visit DataTerrain Inc.

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