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Suffixes help identify the purpose of Oracle HCM tables

You would see lot of tables in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud, but you might wonder what is the purpose of the tables that end with the following suffixes such as _ALL, _TL, _VL, _V, _F, _VL, _A and so on. Below is a description provided for each of these tables: • _ALL table holds all the information about different operating units in Multi-Org environment. • _TL are tables corresponding to another table with the same name. These tables provide multiple language support. For each item in the table without _TL there can be many rows in the _TL table, but all with different values in the LANGUAGE column. • _B tables are the BASE tables. Data is stored in the table with all validations. It is supposed that these table will always contain the perfect format data. • If anything happens to the BASE table data, then it is a data corruption issue. • _F tables are date tracked tables, which occur in HR and Payroll. These table will have the two date columns – EFFECTIVE_START_DATE and EFFECTIVE_END_DATE – which together with the primary key identifies a row uniquely. • _V tables are the views created based on the base […]

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Prebuilt HCM Report to view all Transfer details

HCM prebuilt reports

One of the most important processes in an Organization is Employee Transfer. These transfers usually occur under different organizational requirements such as: • The requirement of additional resources in a department • Need for resources with a particular skill set • Releasing unutilized resources across departments etc. Every Management should constantly monitor the resources available and how they are utilized in each department in order to effectively maintain the recruitment process and the existing resources in an Organization. Report Description: DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report lists the changes or transfers of an employee for a particular effective date. The transfers in Job Location, Position, Manager, Company and Job codes will be captured in the output. This prebuilt report can be run for the below parameter • Effective Date This report can also be modified to run for a date range so that Users can view the transfers that occurred in a particular date range. This report is built as a BIP report and hence it can be run from the BI Publisher Catalog. Output: The output data will have both a new Job/Location/Position/Company details along with the previous Job/Location/Position/Company details. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also […]

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Expedite Peoplesoft Reports to Oracle HCM Migration Using Pre-Built Reports

Most of the big enterprises have started migrating their Peoplesoft system to Oracle Fusion HCM. After the migration process, one of the important challenges faced by the Users is that they would be not able to have the reports in Oracle Fusion HCM that they were previously using in Peoplesoft Environment. Oracle provides a bundle of pre-built reports which users can make use for viewing the required Payroll/HR/Compensation data from Fusion. In certain scenarios, users would like to have their existing PeopleSoft report replicated in Oracle Fusion HCM for requirements such as tax filing or other internal audit purposes. DataTerrainhas created a variety of pre-built Oracle HCM reports which are similar to Peoplesoft reports in report functionality and formatting features such as page breaks and totals. These reports can be quickly rolled out with minimal customization, saving significant time and cost. Some of the useful Peoplesoft reports that are already pre-built in Oracle Fusion HCM are: • PAY007 – Deduction in Arrears • PAY013(CN) – Employee Earnings Snapshot • TAX010FD – Tax Summary – Federal (can be run for a date range) • TAX010ST – Tax Summary – State (can be run for a date range) • TAX900 – Tax […]

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Overview of HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader

Oracle HCM Data Loader

Oracle HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HDL) is useful for loading data to HCM stage tables using an Excel Spreadsheet. Predefined spreadsheets are available for most of the objects and Users can define their own spreadsheets for any object as per requirement. HDL also offers similar features of data loading whereas Spreadsheet Data Loaders have their own advantages: Spreadsheet Data Loader templates are easy to use. Based on business requirement, spreadsheets can be tailor-made. Errors are reported in the spreadsheet template itself where we can fix and review them. In scenarios such as loading element entry for an element, spreadsheet is a better option. Loading data can be done through spreadsheets and can be maintained using .dat files.The process of uploading data using HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader consists of Import and Load stages. During the import process, the data gets uploaded to the HCM Data Loader Stage Tables and during the load process, the imported data is finally loaded to the Oracle HCM Cloud Application Tables.Spreadsheet Data Loader feature has below prerequisites: HCM Integration Specialist role is mandatory for using the spreadsheet feature. Under Setup and Maintenance, the HCM Data Loader Scope value should be set to Full in the Configure […]

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