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Oracle HCM Fast Formulas


Oracle Fast Formula is a tool to write formulas using English words and basic mathematical functions to perform calculations or comparisons. You can use information from your database in formulas without learning the database structure or a programming language. • Fast Formula is an easy way to customize the existing functionality in Fusion Benefits and it hides the complexity of accessing the database tables and columns. • Formulas can take input from a Global window, a database, or a process, such as a payroll run and they return values or messages. • Different formula types are used across various parts of Fusion HCM applications such as Payroll, Benefits Human Resources HCM Extracts, Compensation Management, Absence Management and Oracle Time and Labor. • Formulas are made up of several different components. These can include assignment statements, different types of input including database items, functions, nested expressions, and conditions. • Fast formulas can be used across various Fusion HCM products to perform payroll calculations, define rules for paid time off (PTO) accruals, calculate absence duration, edit rules for object group population for elements or people and so on. • There are predefined formulas for some specific purpose such as accrual plans, tax […]

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Expedite Peoplesoft Reports to Oracle HCM Migration Using Pre-Built Reports

Most of the big enterprises have started migrating their Peoplesoft system to Oracle Fusion HCM. After the migration process, one of the important challenges faced by the Users is that they would be not able to have the reports in Oracle Fusion HCM that they were previously using in Peoplesoft Environment. Oracle provides a bundle of pre-built reports which users can make use for viewing the required Payroll/HR/Compensation data from Fusion. In certain scenarios, users would like to have their existing PeopleSoft report replicated in Oracle Fusion HCM for requirements such as tax filing or other internal audit purposes. DataTerrainhas created a variety of pre-built Oracle HCM reports which are similar to Peoplesoft reports in report functionality and formatting features such as page breaks and totals. These reports can be quickly rolled out with minimal customization, saving significant time and cost. Some of the useful Peoplesoft reports that are already pre-built in Oracle Fusion HCM are: • PAY007 – Deduction in Arrears • PAY013(CN) – Employee Earnings Snapshot • TAX010FD – Tax Summary – Federal (can be run for a date range) • TAX010ST – Tax Summary – State (can be run for a date range) • TAX900 – Tax […]

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Creating BICC extracts from Oracle Fusion Application Products for data extraction

To extract data from a Fusion Applications Cloud data source, you use the BI Cloud Connector (BICC) Console to schedule a once-only or regular data load, known as a Cloud Extract.BI Cloud Connector provides the option to extract Fusion Data to both Universal Content Management (UCM) and Cloud Storage Service. • Within BICC the public view object(PVO) is associated with the Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) offering. Each offering (Finance, HCM, SCM, etc.) contains multiple seeded PVOs. Each PVO within an offering extracts data from a group of tables. • For example, if you select HCM offering for the extract, it includes a view object named ‘’ as one of its PVOs. This view object extracts data from tables PER_ACTION_REASONS_TL and PER_ACTION_REASONS_B. • The other PVOs seeded within Oracle HCM offering will extract data from a different group of tables. • To add more data sources to seeded PVOs, you can use Cloud Extract Configuration and Extraction UI. There are two options when adding a data store; Fact Group or Dimension Group. • Once the extract has been configured, you need to schedule using the ‘Manage Extract Schedules’ option. • The file created by the Fusion BI Cloud Connector tool can […]

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Customizing Oracle’s Fusion HCM Reports

Oracle has delivered a set of seeded reports, as a part of the installation package, for the Fusion HCM users to view the data from the Fusion System. Once Users start using these reports, they would have a need to modify the reports to include more information or have few other filters additionally for easier Audit/Tax Filing purposes. Some of the usual modification requests from the users are: 1. Adding/Removing sub-totals/Grand-Totals from the existing output. 2. Few reports have only Excel output but Users require it as Text output, which also is possible. 3. Addition/Deletion of columns from the existing report as per User’s needs. 4. Parameters/Static Filters can be added to the HCM Extracts/Reports as per User’s specification. Apart from modifications, users will also need report enhancement such as: 1. In the ‘Statutory Deduction Register’ report, the existing ‘Summary’ layout produces incorrect sub-totals for the Base Amount Current/Taxable Wages value. 2. Users wanted to concat the Employee number, Name and SSN in the ‘Employee Active Payroll Balance report’ as similar to ADP Report so that they can do a quick compare of these 2 reports for their internal audit. 3. ‘Payroll Deduction report’ displays the deduction elements but Users […]

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Insight Driven HR Through Oracle HCM Reporting and Analytics

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With the role of HR changing to be a strategic partner in helping organizations achieve its goals, it needs to keep the workforce agile and drive the desired behavior and increase productivity through real-time insight. Oracle HCM Reporting and Analytics provides the following features, which help to create an insight-driven modern HR function. • Provide a complete view of people and operations in the business. • Analyzing the workforce which helps to identify risks and monitoring using demographics. • Enrich HR data with financial and operational data for a full view of business performance. • With appropriate roles, analytics and reports can be modified and -made available for use by others in the organization. • Centrally manage permissions for data security to govern blended data. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long term binding contracts. Reach us at or visit DataTerrain Inc.

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