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Hiring Challenges

Oracle HCM Analytics

There are many challenges in the hiring process, but it is the beginning of a successful company. Getting this right is an absolute necessity for all the companies. Identifying the challenges are going to help to prioritize current needs, trends, and tools to solve. Even for large scale companies with great HR teams a modern analysis can throw new insights and thoughts to find new gaps and guide to fine tune the process. For an example let’s take questions such as Lack of On-boarding – Why some of our hires are not showing keen interest in joining us? Lengthy Recruitment Process: Is lengthy recruitment process a good gate keeper or a damper? Data and trends at your fingertips! The answers to above questions to a large extent is in tracking HR metrics. That HR metrics to great depths can be found in your own HR software. DataTerrain analytics team can help companies to know themselves better and use data to improve their success in hiring. If you are already a user of Oracle HCM then you are one step ahead of the game. DataTerrain has an array of flexible pre-built analytical reports that are ready to install to perform the […]

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How to view Annual FSA non-Discrimination Testing Details in Oracle HCM

Oracle HCM FSA

DataTerrain’s prebuilt report performs various tests on the plan annually at the end of each plan year. This is to determine the number of non-highly compensated individuals who are eligible to participate in the Flexible Spending Account limits. And also designed to ensure that the plan does not discriminate in favor of Highly Compensated Employees. This report can be run for different Years and is available as a BI Publisher Data model report.Output: The output data will have Assignment and Personal Information, and Eligibility Status of each employee for a given period.The output format of this report is Excel and can also be rendered as PDF/CSV.Schedule: Payroll Team can also schedule the report to be delivered weekly/bi-weekly and used for a regular audit.DataTerrain, with years of experience and reliable experts, is ready to assist. We have served more than 250 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long-term binding contracts.

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