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Jumpstart Employee Engagement with BI Technology

Oracle HCM

Emerging HCM Cloud Technology Drives Engagement Employees are 50% more likely to lead engagement in an environment where business technology is made available to them. Many organizations are putting special focus on employee engagement to improve the efficacy of their most valuable assets. Capitalize on technology with the right BI support to ensure job satisfaction, career development and employee retention. Here is how emerging technologies are driving employee engagement. New Working Environments Flexible schedules and virtual offices are more important than ever in the current business climate. Work-from-home and virtual meeting spaces are important parts of any organization that wants to retain and attract high-priority talent. This can often lead to less overhead costs and training time for businesses as well, creating a win-win situation for any company that is willing to take digital transformation seriously. Thanks to solutions such as HCM cloud, there are numerous collaboration tools that you can use to achieve your goals. Collaboration and Training In order to remain competitive, continuous training is often required of employees at every level. In-person meetings, subsidised with virtual classes and one-on-one training help to create an environment of education within your organization. Emerging BI tech allows employees to take […]

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