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How DevOps on AWS can help you

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DevOps is a combination of software development (dev) and operations (ops). It is defined as a software engineering methodology which aims to integrate the work of software development and software operations teams by facilitating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. DevOps represents a change in the mindset of the IT culture. It builds on top of agile, lean practices, and systems theory, DevOps focuses on incremental development and rapid delivery of software. Success relies on the ability to create a culture of accountability, improved collaboration, empathy, and joint responsibility for business outcomes. Under a DevOps model, development and operations teams are no longer “siloed.” These teams work “hand-in-hand”. Sometimes, these two teams are merged into a single team where the engineers work across the entire application lifecycle, from development and testing through deployment  and operations, and develop a range of skills not limited to a single function. In some DevOps models, quality assurance and security teams may also become more tightly integrated with development and operations and throughout the application lifecycle. When security is the primary focus of a DevOps team, it is sometimes referred to as Development Security Operations (DevSecOps). AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to […]

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How DevOps With AWS Can Streamline Software Development

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DevOps is a model of software development that uses the principles of product mindset, agile development, and cross-functional collaboration to increase productivity and efficiency. DevOps seeks to foster collaboration between development and operations teams. It encourages engineers to work across the entire lifecycle of the application. QA, performance, design, and security are integrated into the development process from the very beginning. Why Is DevOps Important? DevOps is all about breaking down the barriers between siloed teams. In particular, it seeks to connect the efforts of the development and operations teams. Adopting a mindset that favors collaboration between these teams allows organizations to deliver more reliable software, faster. However, DevOps is not just about a mindset shift. It also requires reliance on the automation of processes that are historically slow and manual. To effectively implement DevOps, teams must understand the practices that facilitate successful software development. Utilizing continuous integration, building apps as microservices, improving logging and monitoring in production, and automating QA are crucial parts of an effective DevOps strategy.  Services like AWS, Azure, GitHub, and CircleCI provide the tools needed to transform businesses into DevOps-oriented organizations.  How Can AWS DevOps Streamline Your Organization? Here are some of the ways that […]

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