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Where to use Informatica and DataStage

Datastage and Informatica

DataStage is an ETL tool that extracts data, transforms and loads data from source to the target. DataStage facilitates business analysis by providing quality data to help in gaining business intelligence. Informatica is used for Data integration. Informatica offers the capability to connect & fetch data from different heterogeneous sources and processing of data. These are the major differences between Informatica and DataStage, you can select the relevant tool based on the requirement: ● Multiple Partitions: Informatica offers partitioning as dynamic partitioning which defaults a workflow, not at every Stage. It also offers other partitioning choices as well at the workflow level. Whereas, DataStage offers 7 different types of multi-processing partitions. ● User Interface: Informatica offers access to the development and monitoring effort through its 4 GUIs – offered as Informatica PowerDesigner, Repository Manager, WorkflowDesigner, Workflow Manager. Whereas, DataStage caters to development and monitoring its jobs through 3 GUIs – IBM DataStage Designer(for development), Job Sequence Designer(workflow design) and Director(for monitoring). ● Type of Link: To link two components in Informatica, link at the column level and connect each and every column between the two components. While, In DataStage, link at the component level, and then map individual columns. This […]

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