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Amazon QuickSight simplifies Enterprise Scale Data Analytics


Leaders of Multinational organizations see an increasing opportunity to make the most of the ever-increasing volume of data available in the enterprise. Effective mining, modeling, and analyses using even a fraction of the data available have proven to be a competitive differentiator due to improved decision-making across ranks. ABI(Analytics and Business Intelligence) tools continue to integrate deeper into personal productivity tools to track additional user behaviors. Interaction methods like NLG(Natural Language Generation), NLQ(Natural Language Querying), and conversational analytics interfaces democratize access to data and insights for decision-making. Amazon Quicksight enables users across an organization to understand data by asking questions in natural language. Exploring through interactive dashboards is made much easier and machine learning powers the quest for patterns and outliers. As the most popular cloud-native, serverless BI service, Amazon QuickSight powers millions of dashboard views weekly for customers. The key features of Amazon Quicksight are – Quicksight Q to democratize BI – Time-consuming data preparations are avoided by enabling users to ask conversational questions off the data and generating relevant visualizations using Q’s ML-powered engine ML insights enhancing advanced analytics – ML to improve the accuracy of forecasting and what-if analyses to discover hidden insights from data. Dashboards can […]

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