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Dashboard Elements in Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight

Dashboard Elements in Amazon QuickSight provide various options such as zoom in or Zoom out, filtering the data, and exporting the data. Specific data fields can be excluded or focussed action can be performed. If your dashboard contains data on which you can drill down or up, you can drill up to a higher level or drill down to explore deeper details. If the dashboard contains custom actions you can activate them by choosing a data point.Amazon QuickSight allows changing the chart colors or the specific field colors as a part of these elements. DataTerrain, with years of experience and reliable experts, is ready to assist. We have served more than 250 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long-term binding contracts.

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SISENSE Insights Webinar: Customize & Embed Your Dashboards


SISENSE Insights Webinar: Customize & Embed Your Dashboards No images? Click here Customize & Embed Your Dashboards  Insights For Everyone! Webinar: Wednesday, July 22, 10 AM PT Reserve my Seat   Presenter: Eric Pouliot     Sisense delivers real business insights with radically innovative business analytics. By empowering your business users to independently manage, analyze, and visualize, complex data is delivered quickly and cost-effectively. DataTerrain’s certified Sisense implementation partner, Precisio provides enterprise-class, cloud-ready business intelligence, analytics, and data science solutions.  End To End Implementation (including OEM & SAAS) Dashboard, Report, KPI & Analytics Development Data Engineering Reserve my Seat DataTerrain Inc 228 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA Preferences  |  Unsubscribe  

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Big Data Business Intelligence with Jaspersoft

Recent significant growth in data volume and challenges in processing huge data and to streamline customer businesses has paved the way for Big Data Analytics. Jaspersoft has several features that drive Big Data reporting analytics and ensures better business intelligence reporting, analytics and to meet customer’s competitive needs. • Jaspersoft offers Big Data Analytics by providing native Big Data connectors. Users can take advantage of these connectors to connect to big data environment to drill their data. • Jaspersoft’s connectivity to Big Data environments such as Hive for Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra etc benefits users for reducing costs and improve the efficiency of operations, decision making, and risk handling. • Connecting to Big Data environment from Jaspersoft studio and sever is quite simple which can be done in a few steps. • Jaspersoft offers an option to natively connect and perform real-time visualization and analytics from numerous big data stores. • Users can build real-time reports, dashboards and analytics directly on top of big data. • Jaspersoft works with many popular Big Data Store including MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Cloudera Solution and DatabricksMapR DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more […]

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DataTerrain Expands its Oracle Taleo Support Services

DataTerrain a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, announced that it has expanded its oracle TaleoSupport services for customers who are looking at managing and reporting, Recruiting and Performance management using Taleo platform. The support services now include Dashboard creation and enhancement. Taleo dashboards display a variety of summarized, Recruiting metrics like Candidate Stage Conversion, Requisition Activity, Hired Candidates, Offer Success Rate etc. The visualizations are filterable by a set of common filters and can be analyzed in different ways. DataTerrain helps customers create Dashboards from concept or provide Pre-built dashboards which can be customized as per the requirement, saving significant cost and time. DataTerrain has over 10 years of experience in Planning, Designing, Development, Tuning, Support a variety of Business Intelligence tools and reporting solutions. DataTerrain team have in-depth real-world expertise in the industry, leading reporting tools such as OBIEE, Jasper and Taleo and Oracle HCM platforms DataTerrain’sOracle TaleoSupport services include both the creation of new reports and trouble-shooting of existing reports. The primary services are: • Designing custom reports • Enhancing existing reports • Diagnose and resolve report issues • Creating Templates and modifying XML with BI Publisher • Scheduling reports • Creation and customizing Dashboards • Ongoing […]

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