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Simplifying Your BI Reporting: Converting Legacy BI Reports with Data Terrain’s Automation Tools and Expertise

Legacy BI Report

Introduction: Legacy BI reports and dashboards contain valuable information, but their outdated formats andinterfaces make them less user-friendly. In this article, we will discuss how you can convert legacy BIreports into modern dashboards using automation tools. Understanding Analytics and Business Intelligence: ● Data Analytics is the process of collecting, storing, and analyzing data to make informeddecisions and predict future trends.● Business Intelligence (BI) refers to using data analytics to improve processes and make betterbusiness decisions. Challenges of Legacy BI Reports and Dashboards: ● Legacy BI reports and dashboards are often created using outdated tools that are difficult tomaintain.● Switching to modern BI software can be challenging because it requires time and money fortraining employees. Using Automation Tools to Convert Legacy Reports to Modern Dashboards: ● Identify legacy reports and dashboards and remove duplicates.● Use automation tools to convert legacy reports and dashboards to modern formats.● Improve data accuracy by adding new fields or updating existing ones.● Ensure all data sources are available in the new automated reporting solution. Re-writing Reports from Scratch using Modern Programming Languages: ● Re-write legacy reports using modern programming languages like Python or R.● Use modern ETL tools like Informatica or Glue to migrate data from […]

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Major benefits of Amazon QuickSight

Amazon Quicksight

Amazon QuickSight is an Amazon Web Services which enables businesses to upgrade from a spreadsheet based reporting to an interactive tool that can analyze the data. The main purpose of this tool is to convert the unstructured data into actionable intelligence. Data source Compatibility – Almost all types of data sources can be accessed and in fact any form of data stored in an internet accessible environment can be worked with QuickSight. SPICE engine – It is a super fast, parallel, in-memory, calculation engine and it is quick and easy to use. It is designed to be more powerful with enormous amounts of data readily available through its replication process. Portability – This tool can be accessed from anywhere such as laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablets and even offline after installing offline mode. Flexibility – QuickSight is designed in such a way that users can play around with massive data with a world class data engine and flexibility of the tool which increases the usage. Smart visualizations – The feature such as ‘Autograph’ accurately predicts the data and analyses it based on your analytical patterns and comes out with a solution. Self-service analyses – The data can be separated as […]

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Factors that affect Grid Recovery in Informatica

Informatica Integration

When an Informatica workflow is run on a grid, service processes and DTM processes run on different nodes and behavior also depends on flowing factors. ● High availability option – Workflows fail over to another node if the node or service shuts down, if availability is not high, a workflow can be manually restarted on another node to recover it. ● Recovery strategy – A recovery strategy can be configured for tasks within the workflow and when the workflow suspends the recovery, behavior depends on the recovery strategy configured for each task. ● Shutdown mode – When an Informatica Integration Service can specify that the service completes, aborts, or stops processes running on the service, the failover and recovery behavior depend on which service process is shut down. ● Running mode – If the workflow runs on the grid, the Informatica Integration Service can recover workflows and tasks on another node. ● Operating mode – If the Informatica Integration Service runs in safe mode, recovery is disabled for sessions and workflows. DataTerrain, with years of experience and reliable experts, is ready to assist. We have served more than 250 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are […]

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Managing Employee Retention through HR Strategies

oracle HCM

Employee retention is undoubtedly the second most important task right next to hiring the right employee. Employee retention has been a challenging issue from small to large corporations in all fields. In particular if the employee is good at his work then he is in demand intra to company and outside the company. Balancing employer and employee needs is the solution. How do we reach this solution and what is needed for reaching that balance is what we are discussing in this article. How do we find that a section of employees are business critical ? How do we learn in advance the possibility of an employee leaving ? Mitigating Employee Retention challenges can be done through analytics with the help of Oracle HCM Cloud. DataTerrain pre-built analytical reports extract data from Oracle HCM and can spotlight employee retention challenges and insights. Following the analysis business experts can arrive at data based solutions. The fact based current trends in the corporation are practical and not fictional. There is no one stop solution for any challenge or challenges but having insights based on real data will give insights and direction hitherton not envisioned. To reach the right core data points via […]

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