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Jaspersoft Crosstab Attributes

Crosstab reports contain tables that arrange data across rows and columns in a tabular form. Crosstab object is used for inserting a crosstab report within the main report. Crosstabs can be used with any level of data (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio), and usually display the summarized data, contained in the report variables, in the form of a dynamic table. Variables are used to display aggregate data such as sums, counts, average values. Crosstab attributes: JRXML element <crosstab> is used to insert a crosstab into a report. Following is a list of attributes of an <crosstab>element: • isRepeatColumnHeaders: Indicates whether the column headers should be reprinted after a page break. The default value is true. • isRepeatRowHeaders: Indicates whether the row headers should be reprinted after a crosstab column break. The default value is true. • columnBreakOffset: When a column break occurs, indicates the amount of vertical space, measured in pixels, before the subsequent crosstab piece to be placed below the previous one on the same page. The default value is 10. • rundirection: Indicates whether the crosstab data should be filled from left to right (LTR) or from right to left (RTL). The default value is LTR. • ignoreWidth: […]

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Properties of Jaspersoft Sub-Report Element

Subreport element is similar to a place holder defining the position of the top-left corner to which the subreport is aligned. The following properties are available in the Properties to view in the Subreport tab. • Run To Bottom: When true, the sub-report element will consume the entire vertical space available on the report page. • Expression: Expression that can be used to load the Jasper object to use when filling the sub-report portion of the document. Evaluated at run time to retrieve the Jasper object for the sub-report. • Using Cache: Specifies whether the sub-report’s report object is kept in memory or reloaded each time it’s used. It is common for a sub-report element to be printed more than once. • Connection Expression/Data source Expression: At the run time, returns a JDBC connection or a JRDataSource used to fill in the sub-report. Only one of these expression types can be used. If there is no connection or data source expression, no data is passed to the sub-report. • Parameters Map Expression: The expression must contain a set of coupled names/objects that are passed to the sub-report to set a value for its parameters. • Edit Return Values: It allows […]

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Steps to create Jaspersoft Sub-reports

OBIEE migration

A sub-report is simply a report composed of its own JRXML source and compiled in a Jasper file. Creating a sub-report is very similar to creating any other report. The margins of a sub-report are usually set to zero for sub-reports because a sub-report is meant to be a portion of a page, not an entire document. The horizontal dimension of the sub-report should be as large as the element into which it is placed in the parent report. There are three steps to creating and adding a sub-report: • Create a report – Create a parent or master report that will contain the sub-report. • Create a sub-report – Create and compile a sub-report. Optionally create a dynamic connection to filter the records of the sub-report based on the parent’s data. • Add the sub-report to the parent report – Insert a sub-report element and specify the following: o The data adapter or data source for the sub-report. o The location of the sub-reports compiled Jasper file. o An optional parameters map (it can be empty) to set the report parameters used in the dynamic connection. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We […]

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Balance Groups in Oracle Fusion HCM

Balances in HCM are amounts or hours that are aggregated based on Month, Quarter or Year. Balance Group and Balance Group Usages for the specific Balances can be created from the Payroll Calculation work area in the Oracle Fusion HCM environment. Oracle HCM Fusion provides us the option of using either Pre-defined balance groups or User-defined custom balance groups for our reports. Pre-defined Balance groups in HCM contain information about all the earnings and deductions but if we would like to see only the amounts or hours of a list of earnings. User-defined custom balance group can be created with the list of earnings that we require and use it in our custom extract to view only the values for those earnings. Data Terrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long-term binding contracts.

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Overview of Security Features in Jaspersoft Reports server

Jasper Reports Server has built-in security that ensures that users can only access the data they are allowed to view. The following are the major Jaspersoft Server security features. • Jaspersoft Server provides Security configuration in User level, Application level and Domain level. • Jaspersoft offers setting up Authentication and Authorization. These steps can be configured through the “Manage Security” option will be visible to the Admin users in the Jaspersoft server. • Authentication includes creating users and roles from Jaspersoft server using the “Add user” option. Once users are created, roles can be assigned to specific users. Also, a user may belong to any number of roles. The administrator can create, modify and delete Users and Roles. • Authorization includes control over Menu options and pages, Organization scope, Resource permissions, Administrator privileges, Data-level security and Profile attributes. • Row-level security and Column level security can be applied to the Domains security file in XML format configured in Jaspersoft Server Commercial edition. • Application level security can be achieved in configuration level which includes protection against SQL injection, password encryptions in configuration files, restriction of file uploading, disabling Unused HTTP verbs, etc. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts […]

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