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Find Out Drill down in Cognos Powerplay

Cognos Powerplay

Cognos Powerplay drill up & down operations allows moving up and down the hierarchy of categories in a dimension. To drill down means to go from a higher summary level into more details. Drilling up expands the focus of a report and moves into a lower detail level. In Cognos Powerplay you can Drill up and down the hierarchy tree in the following ways: • Hover the mouse pointer over a category you want to explore in more details and if the cursor changes to a plus sign, it means that the drill-down is available, and you can double click the category to drill down. • Alternatively, instead of double-clicking you can right-click on a selected category and select Drill Down. • Drill down by clicking the plus sign. • To drill back up go to the cube summary row or summary column and once the cursor changes to the plus sign with an up arrow, double-click it to go one level up. • Alternatively, instead of double click you can right-click on a selected category and select Drill Up. • Drill up by clicking the summary row. • It is also possible to drill up and down in a […]

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Jaspersoft reporting with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Datasource

Jaspersoft Reports

Jaspersoft business intelligence reporting can be done using a JSON data source. The following are some features and benefits of Jaspersoft with JSON data source. • In the BI world, time is taken for data retrieval and memory consumption are the key factors in determining efficiency and performance. With JSON data source, Jaspersoft offers to transport data between a server and a client (web) application provided with increased efficiency and performance. • A JSON file with the actual report data can be passed to the report either from a file location or from a remote location. Once a data-adapter is created using a JSON file, the fields from the JSON can be used in the report layout. • The data-adapter from the Jaspersoft studio can be downloaded and uploaded to the Jaspersoft Server and the same report can be run from the server also. • The JSON data source can also be passed as a parameter from the main report to the sub-report in the sub-report connection expression properties. • JSON data-source offers a lightweight syntax and ease of use. Reports can be created quickly once the data are populated in the JSON file. • JSON data-source has wide advantages […]

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What Is “HCM” And How Can It Help Your Business?

Oracle Fusion HCM helps aid your business in and increase ROI, but what is Human Capital Management? Read our blog to find out more about the latest Oracle Business Intelligence Tools that help global and small businesses.

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Jasper Reports Global Scriptlets

Pre-built reports

When complex functionality cannot be achieved easily using report expressions or variables, JasperReports provides us with a simple and powerful means of doing this with Scriptlets. Scriptlets are sequences of Java code that are executed every time a report event occurs. Values of report variables can be affected through scriptlets. User can associate scriptlets by declaring the scriptlets globally. The global scriptlets apply to all reports being filled in the given JasperReports deployment. This is made easy by the fact that scriptlets can be added to JasperReports as extensions. The scriptlet extension point is represented by thenet.sf.jasperreports.engine.scriptlets.ScriptletFactory interface. Jasper Reports will load all scriptlet factories available through extensions at runtime. Then, it will ask each one of them for the list of scriptlets instances that they want to apply to the current report that is being run. When asking for the list of scriptlet instances, the engine gives some context information that the factory could use in order to decide, which scriptlets actually applied to the current report. Data Terrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 plus customers in the US and an additional 60 plus customers worldwide. We […]

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