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3 Remarkable Statistics about the Millennial Workforce

report conversion

Your organization will soon be a workforce comprised mainly of Millennials. These new hires often have different opinions about business than long-standing employees. Use these BI tools to your advantage and stimulate a better Human Capital Management experience.

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How To Quantify Your Business Success In The Cloud

HCM , Business Intelligence

Business success in the cloud is found in utilization of BI tools presented to you with the Oracle HCM Suite. Automated migration and report conversion are some of these tools that can deliver a better experience.

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5 Responsive User Experience Features That Beat Mobile Apps

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Adaptive and responsive user experience features can increase your ROI. Our BI experts put HCM and business analytics to work to show you how Oracle fusion HCM allows any modern business to beat out the competition with programs that are better than traditional apps.

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How to Transport PeopleSoft Crystal Reports to BIP via Automation

Our new blog discusses why businesses need to adopt Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) as a reporting tool when migrating from PeopleSoft Crystal reports and how you can leverage automation to expedite the migration process.

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DataTerrain’s BI DesignerPlus Simplifies Oracle BI Publisher Reports

DataTerrain’s BI DesignerPlus is a next-generation plugin which works along with Oracle BI Publisher and includes many features which are enhancements for BI Publisher reports development.

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