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Creating Queries in Jaspersoft Reports

Jaspersoft reports

Jaspersoft Studio provides tools to help user define report fields and create a proper query if a query language is used to acquire the data for the report. These tools are presented in the Dataset and Query dialog. It also provides an easy way to build SQL queries by using a drag-and-drop query builder. This allows users who don’t know SQL or just are not sure about the syntax to quickly join tables and produce complex data filters and where conditions. SQL Builder also provides a way for skilled users to explore the database and list the metadata such as schemas and available tables. Using Dataset and Query Dialog: The dataset and query dialog allows a user to: • Select a data adapter with which to configure the dataset. Usually, a data adapter is selected, but it is possible to change it if necessary. • Select a query language for the dataset being edited (which can be the main dataset or a sub-dataset used to populate a chart or a table). • Specify the query by typing text or by using a tool, if available, designed for the selected language. A tool is available for several languages including SQL, XPath […]

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Machine Learning Insights in Amazon Quicksight

Machine Learning

Amazon QuickSight enterprise edition has introduced decision making insights using machine learning techniques. These are the benefits: ● Manual analysis, customer development, or machine learning domain expertise is not required to perform this action.● These insights can be embedded into a dashboard which creates a shared understanding of the data within the organization and helps t you make decisions faster.● ML powered anomaly detection can continuously examine all your data to detect anomalies.● Auto narratives can build rich dashboards with embedded narratives to tell the story of your data in plain language.● Custom insights enable you to create your own computation using your own words and it can be added to the analysis. DataTerrain, with years of experience and reliable experts, is ready to assist. We have served more than 250 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long-term binding contracts.

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Salient Features of Jaspersoft Server

Jaspersoft Server (also called JasperReports server), is the core of the Jaspersoft BI Suite. It builds on the JasperReports Library to provide a fully functional and stand-alone report server. Jaspersoft Server provides many important features such as security, a repository, and scheduling. • Jaspersoft server can be downloaded and installed separately. Once installed it can be accessed via the URL andfrom Jaspersoft studio. • Jaspersoft Server commercial edition offers a complete user-friendly web-based drag and drop Adhoc reporting feature. Users can build interactive charts, tables and cross tab analytics. • Jaspersoft server supports all datasource connectors that are available in Jaspersoft library. • Jaspersoft server provides flexible, modern and embeddable server architecture such as data caching and storage architecture, REST and SOAP based web services for simplified integration, mobile application and multi touch capability and so on. • Report scheduling based on a calendar can be performed for the deployed reports from the Jaspersoft server. • Security setup can be done by Administrators from Jaspersoft server by providing user based and role-based access to reports, dashboards, resources and folders. • Jaspersoft server Commercial edition also has the capability to design a metadata layer called Domain with business logic and joins. […]

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How to view Element Entry Details in Oracle HCM

Prebuilt Oracle

DataTerrain’s prebuilt Oracle HCM report provides all element entry values for a given payroll relationship. Element Entries associated with an employee which is used to display a specific element of each employee.   This report can be run for the below parameters Start Date End Date This Prebuilt report is available as a BI Publisher Data model report. Output: The output data will have Employee record, Audit action, Field Name, Old and New value for each employee. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also be rendered as PDF/CSV. Schedule: Payroll Team can also schedule the report to get it delivered weekly/bi-weekly and use it for a regular audit. DataTerrain, with years of experience and reliable experts, is ready to assist. We have served more than 250 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long-term binding contracts.

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Prebuilt HCM report to reconcile PayCheck Details

HCM paycheck

Oracle has seeded reports such as Payslip and Paycheck but at times Users would like to have a report which will have a summarized information of the data that is available on the Payslip/Paycheck so that they can reconcile this report’s data with Oracle’s report in order to confirm the amounts produced are correct in all these reports. Users can run this pre-built report when they would want to see, 1. The total amount processed for a particular paycheck date 2. To confirm if the amounts produced for a paycheck date is correct in the Oracle’s seeded reports. 3. To check the total amounts processed for each paycheck date separately in a huge check date range that they run. DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report: The Prebuilt report Paycheck Detail will provide the Users with data such as employee number, employee name, pay period start/end date, element name, element description, the sum of earnings and sum of earnings hours. Users can run this report with the below parameters, 1. For a single Check Date/For a range as Start Check Date and End Check Date 2. For a single Person 3. For a Payroll This report is built as an HCM Extract in order […]

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Properties of Jaspersoft Sub-Report Element

Subreport element is similar to a place holder defining the position of the top-left corner to which the subreport is aligned. The following properties are available in the Properties to view in the Subreport tab. • Run To Bottom: When true, the sub-report element will consume the entire vertical space available on the report page. • Expression: Expression that can be used to load the Jasper object to use when filling the sub-report portion of the document. Evaluated at run time to retrieve the Jasper object for the sub-report. • Using Cache: Specifies whether the sub-report’s report object is kept in memory or reloaded each time it’s used. It is common for a sub-report element to be printed more than once. • Connection Expression/Data source Expression: At the run time, returns a JDBC connection or a JRDataSource used to fill in the sub-report. Only one of these expression types can be used. If there is no connection or data source expression, no data is passed to the sub-report. • Parameters Map Expression: The expression must contain a set of coupled names/objects that are passed to the sub-report to set a value for its parameters. • Edit Return Values: It allows […]

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Developing Global and Local repositories in Informatica


Informatica repository is used to store metadata information which will reside in a relational database. We can develop local and global repositories to share metadata information. Global Repository is the hub of the repository domain which is used to store common objects that multiple developers can use through shortcuts. A global repository cannot be converted to local repository and these objects may include operational or application source definitions, reusable transformations, mapplets and mappings. Informatica local repository is any repository within the domain that is not the global repository and it is used for development. These local repositories can create shortcuts to objects in shared folders in the global repository and can promote local repository to global repository. DataTerrain, with years of experience and reliable experts, is ready to assist. We have served more than 250 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long-term binding contracts.

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An Overview of Jasper Reports Scriptlet Class

Scriplets in Jaspersoft

Scriptlets are sequences of Java code that are executed every time a report event occurs. Values of report variables can be affected through scriptlets. A scriptlet is a java class, which must extend either of the following classes: • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRAbstractScriptlet − This class contains a few abstract methods that must be overridden in every implementation. These methods are called automatically by JasperReports at the appropriate moment. The developer must implement all the abstract methods. • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRDefaultScriptlet − This class contains default empty implementations of every method in JRAbstractScriptlet. A developer is only required to implement those methods depends upon the needs of their project. The following table lists some of the methods in the above class. These methods will be called by the report engine at the appropriate time, during the report filling phase. Method Description public void beforeReportInit() Called before report initialization public void afterReportInit() Called after report initialization. public void beforePageInit() Called before each page is initialized. public void afterPageInit() Called after each page is initialized. public void beforeColumnInit() Called before each column is initialized. Any number of scriptlets can be specified per report. If no scriptlet is specified for a report, the engine still creates a single […]

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