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Azure Snowflake

Snowflake enables sharing of data through named Snowflake objects called shares which supports data sharing by sharing tables, secure views, and secure UDFs in our Snowflake database (Data Provider) with other Snowflake accounts (Data Consumer). If the data consumer does not have a Snowflake account then we can create a reader account through which we can share data without requiring the consumer to become a Snowflake customer. All database objects shared between accounts are read-only so data consumers cannot make any change to the data. In secure data sharing, data is not actually copied or transferred between accounts; it means that shared data does not take up any storage in a consumer account. The only charges to consumers are for the compute resources used to query the shared data. In the case of a reader account, the provider will be charged for the compute resources used by users in the reader account. Data shares and reader accounts must be located in the same region of the same Cloud Provider (AWS, Azure or GCP). Data consumers cannot re-share the shared data with other accounts. In reader accounts data consumers are allowed to create new users. To start sharing data we need […]

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Benefits of using Jaspersoft with AWS

Jaspersoft reporting

Jaspersoft supports business intelligence reporting and analytics on the AWS cloud platform. The following are the major features and benefits of Jaspersoft with AWS. • AWS offers a secure cloud services platform, offering to compute power, database storage, content delivery that enable the business scale and grow. • Users can create interactive reports, dashboards and data visualizations and capable to quickly connect to Amazon RDS, Redshift and EMR data sources. • There is no data or user limits and no additional fees. • Jaspersoft for AWS is quick and easy to set up and offers a cost-efficient cloud analytics platform. • Provides a straightforward approach for installation and reports and dashboards can be created by a few clicks in less amount of time. DataTerrain with years of experience and reliable experts is ready to assist. We have served more than 200 customers in the US and over 70 customers worldwide. We are flexible in working hours and do not need any long term binding contracts.

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