Re-think HCM with Oracle Fusion

Small and midsize businesses face quite a number of challenges with the main one being the lack of hiring power. Such businesses have to compete for top talent with large organizations that offer better salaries and benefits among other perks. They also do not have sufficient resources to advertise for the posts and interview dozens of candidates. Small and midsize businesses might also not have experience in managing talent.

Given that small and mid-sized companies makeup 99.7% of the number of businesses in the United States, Oracle has partnered with Monster in order to help small and mid-sized businesses through Taleo Business Edition.

What is Taleo Business Edition?
Oracle announced the Oracle Talent Cloud (Taleo) subdivision in 2004. With over 5,000 users, Taleo has grown to become one of the largest recruitment providers. While previous versions of Taleo did not include other talent management modules such as onboarding, succession planning, learning management, and performance management, the Taleo Business Edition (TBE) is integrated with Oracle Fusion HCM which includes all these. Users can also make use of the BI support to customize integrations based on their specific requirements and business objectives.

Through Oracle Business Intelligence, such firms can build a culture of productivity and performance by providing employers with talent management tools. The TBE also helps employers automate and integrate learning processes, thus developing the right employee skills at the opportune time. Oracle is collaborating with Monster, a firm that prides itself in connecting employees to employers and vice versa.

How will this collaboration help employers?
TBE has been integrated with HCM cloud to enable small and midsize businesses to hire the best talent through Monster. Small and midsize businesses can now advertise their posts through a platform that has a far-reaching audience. Employers do not have to flip back and forth between Monster and TBE while sourcing for employees, rather, they will be able to access Monster through Taleo Business Edition. However, this capability will only be activated later this year.

How the partnership works for applicants
Job seekers who have already created Monster profiles can apply for advertised positions directly from Monster to any company website through TBE. Apart from reducing the time spent applying for jobs, this feature also increases the number of qualified applicants likely to apply to the job posting.

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