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What Are the Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

Jaspersoft business intelligence software offers many benefits including better data quality, fast and accurate reporting, competitive analysis, valuable business insights, better identification of market trends, and increased operating efficiency. Overall, these benefits lead to improved decision-making, increased revenue, and better margins. 

Estimates indicate that 25 percent of all businesses currently use BI tools, and it is projected that 33 percent of all large businesses will use BI tools by 2023. With this rate of use and the importance of Business intelligence, it is critical to secure expert BI solutions. There are organizations across America where falling behind is not an option, and business mistakes could cost a lot more than capital and ROI. 

This is part of the reason a leading private aviation company enlisted the help of DataTerrain’s professional tech experts to standardize Jaspersoft within their BI platform. These BI Tools allow them to rack thousands of employees in real-time, along with up to the minute shifts in logistics, costs, and weather. Among these advancements made possible by our direct help, the customer expected the following additional benefits after transition to Jaspersoft: 

• Seamless integration and embedding in 3rd party applications with data from multiple sources

• Enhanced data virtualization and pluggable custom visualizations

• Enhanced performance with in-memory analysis and multi-dimensional analytics

• Enhanced user self-service with the Jaspersoft drag-and-drop report designer

DataTerrain was uniquely chosen for this role because of our commitment to automation forward transition and our skill with Jaspersoft implementation. You can read more about our work with this client in our customer stories

This process also works for organizations that are looking to rapidly reinvent themselves, such as tech companies that must stay up to date with advances on a global stage, and manufacturing companies that process goods at such high-volume that any unexpected changes can create huge supply chain issues. This is why customers value the contributions of our specialists at DataTerrain. 

Seek Superior Business Intelligence Services 

Data Terrain is a leading service provider of Business Intelligence analytical reports, dashboard development, and support. We offer over 10 years of experience in employee-centric analytical tools to support employee success including planning, design, development, functionality testing, data testing, and reporting. We will work with you from exploration to finding the right BI solutions that fit your business. HCM cloud technology makes employee-centric analytics work to propel business success. That’s BI support with data security in mind. 

Contact DataTerrain based in Palo Alto, CA. Our proven automation technology delivers business intelligence at your fingertips. We provide real-time analytics and reporting to drive business results that are trusted by over 250 customers across North America.