Introduction to Big Data

Businesses generate a staggering amount of statistics, metrics, and logs in every segment of business every day! Pieces of such information can collectively provide meaningful insights into the business critical trends. Timely information access, smart and real-time data feeds will spell the business success. A meaningful predictive analytics can deliver remarkable business direction and confidence to eventual success.

DataTerrain Bigdata solution helps you to harness the humungous data that resides in your organization and turn it into valuable, real-time insights. Our big data and advanced analytics consulting team help companies to implement meaningful and cost effective tool that fits their business needs. We believe that to answer complex business problems you need simple business intelligence solutions. Our experience with multiple customers has driven us to create solutions that let you search, explore, browse, navigate, analyze and visualize data from one place. We deploy big data solutions, any way you want, and connect analytics to your key business processes to deliver success. We consult you to choose the right Big Data platforms and reporting solutions.

Tableau Reports and Advanced Analytics

Simple to design, develop, ease of use and maintain analytical dashboards and reports will be the summary of Tableau for big data. It consolidates data – no more pulling individual reports from multiple software or databases. See it all in one place and discover new patterns you might never have seen using separate individual reports. It visualizes data – understand your data instantly. Spot trends faster and convey complex information in an easy-to-consume format. It democratizes data – explores your data through the eyes of your entire organization, allowing for more questions to be asked and more discoveries to be made. Ad hoc analysis becomes effortless, and the sharing of data gives the organization a clear view of your challenges and opportunities.

Elastic and Kibana Reports with Stunning Analytics

Reliable, transparent, performance and scalable analytics and reports will be the summary of Elastic and Kibana for big data. You have massive data sitting in Hadoop? We can demonstrate how to put the real-time search and analytics features of Elasticsearch to work on your big data by using the Elasticsearch-Hadoop (ES-Hadoop) connector. Unbeatable and unbreakable! Kibana the reporting tool lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack, so you can do anything from learning why you are getting paged at 2:00 a.m. to understanding the impact rain might have on your quarterly numbers. Kibana gives you the freedom to select the way you give shape to your data. Moreover, you do not always have to know what you are looking for. With its interactive visualizations, start with one question and see where it leads you.

Jasper and Advanced Analytics

Traditional ETL capabilities, Data virtualization, and data integration can summarize Jasper studio. Jasper comes in two forms open source and licensed which gives customers great options to save cost. Jaspersoft Reporting and Analytics: timely, actionable data inside apps and business processes are much appreciated by customers worldwide. Jasper technologies and architecture, designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data, by enabling high-velocity capture, discovery, and/or analysis.

When you have a business to run, your time is critical- as are your business insights and analytics. When moving from a legacy system to a newer technology, you can’t afford to lose momentum. Our technology can save you valuable time while quickly and seamlessly delivering the results you need through automation. We’ve introduced an enhanced reports transition solution for companies who are making the move from legacy reports or SAP Crystal to Jaspersoft to automate the process of converting your data and reports.

Your company invested a lot of time and effort into designing reports that would ensure you have access to the data you need in the most useful format and interface. When it’s time to upgrade from Crystal to Jaspersoft, you face many challenges in diving into your original reporting structures and design, documenting the details, and recreating it all in a new platform, which can be extremely time and resource-consuming. You also need to preserve your legacy data and integrate it into your new platform to be sure that valuable business information doesn’t get lost.

DataTerrain’s automation tool, which forms the core of the transition solution, lets you extract the complete features and formatting from your existing Crystal reports and convert them seamlessly to Jaspersoft with just a few clicks. Our demo video provides a full walk-through of our Crystal to Jaspersoft report transition tool, so you can see how it works.

We know how integral data is to anyone doing business today. We have nearly a decade of experience developing automated technologies for a diverse range of companies. Our team works closely with you from the outset to understand your requirements and ensure the integrity of your data and the accuracy of your reports. On average, our tool will save you 80% of the time it would take to convert your reports through a manual process. We’ll take care of the data reporting, so you can focus on moving
your business forward.

Why DataTerrain Big Data Services?

  • Experienced architects to develop and implement real-time big data solutions
  • Delivering simplicity by accessing the right data when you need them the most
  • Integrating relevant data
  • Focusing on data security
  • Cloud solutions for a scalable and agile environment.

DataTerrain creates simple analytics for complex business trends, addressing your needs in a way that is scalable, simple, and cost-effective. DataTerrain offers its support for both reporting and analytics functions of Big Data systems. Our services on Big Data bring you closer to instant Big Data analytics in the most simplistic and realistic way!